WTF Did You Say: Knock Knock Jokes and T-Ball Equipment

by Leila on February 11, 2012

My son is really excited for his first T-Ball practice. When he gets excited he turns into a hyperactive monkey lunatic.

It can be really cute but sometimes he just starts to blurt out nonsense. He realized if he taps on his cup (which is a shopping story in itself) that it will make a knocking noise. First I had to keep telling him to stop tapping on it because it was making me nuts. Repetitive noises irk me. Then he started to uh.. pelvic thrust in to things to test how much his penis did NOT hurt with his cup on. I had to redirect that.

Then he tapped on his cup twice, “Knock knock…”


He tapped twice again, “Mommy.. *knock* *knock*?!”

………….. Reluctantly, “Who’s there?”



I really hope this doesn’t continue at practice.

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