Girl Scouts and Young Girls Who Change the World

by Leila on March 30, 2012

I always try to relate what I am trying to convey with some sort of experience. I’m either learning with them or helping them learn through me. So, I find a personal connection in some way.

This is especially true as a Girl Scout Troop Leader. As I was planning our next meeting, in post cookie season madness, I kept wanting to relate my experiences and inspiration at the Women in the World Summit somehow.

I wanted what I gained from it to be passed on not only to my kids but to my Troop as well.

We started our Amuse Journey which is all about learning about roles for girls and women in the world. This was perfect!

By the way… the new Girl Scout program has a twist on the old badge system. Now Journey books offer an in depth way to empower Girl Scouts to Connect and Take Action! They have taken some getting used to but I love them.

We started out talking about different roles of women and what kind of roles they related to. This tied in my many experiences and women I was inspired by at the summit. One of the influential ladies I talked about was a young girl, Talia Leman CEO of, who is one of Toyota’s “Mothers of Inventions” who raised ten million dollars for hurricane Katrina… when she was ten years old.

My juniors are her age! This made jaws drop. This lit a fire in the girl’s eyes… this confirmed everything I have told them the past couple years: “You can make anything happen and have an impact no matter what your age is.”

Through the meeting we discussed many different women and how powerful and extraordinary women were once Girl Scouts. We talked about how you don’t have to be an adult to make a difference.

It was powerful and one of my Girl Scouts brought me to tears when she said that she wanted to be a Girl Scout Troop Leader like me. She said I make her feel like she can do anything no matter what. She said I empower her. I couldn’t even say anything… and all I felt was appreciation.

I’m still elated from that trip and even further inspired after my experiences had an impact on my Girl Scout Troop.

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