An #EcoDriven and Eco-Friendly Adventure in Napa: Bardessona, Yogitoes and Aveda

by Leila on October 6, 2012

I’ve always lived eco-friendly and environmentally conscious before it was trendy to “go green”. It was a part of my upbringing as my family is very earth friendly and recycles, reuses and reduces like you wouldn’t believe. An eco-friendly lifestyle can be accomplished in many ways: how you recycle, creating and supporting sustainability, what you cook and how, the vehicles you drive and the clothes that you wear.

When I was invited to attend Toyota’s first ever EcoDriven event in Yountville (near Napa), California a couple weeks ago I was excited. Actually, saying I was excited doesn’t even sum it up… I was honored, thankful, ecstatic and stoked. Yup, stoked.

My journey began on my way to Napa. My flight was thankfully less than an hour but I arrived at peak traffic time with an hour commute from San Francisco. I was told it could take two or three hours in traffic. This is usually something that makes people cringe… but after growing up in Los Angeles and living in New York traffic doesn’t phase me in the slightest. I also took the opportunity to talk to my driver. He was friendly, funny and in that three hours of traffic I talked his ears off. We laughed, talked about our families, traveling, cars, wine and life. I kept getting texts, tweets and emails asking where I was and friends telling me how bummed they were that I was in such bad traffic. Didn’t seem that bad when I was making the most out of it.

When I arrived to Yountville I was shocked at how gorgeous it was. I felt like I was on a movie set. The city is full of beauty and culture… oh and great food and wine. The Bardessono hotel, a LEED Platinum hotel, was an additional piece of beauty to this area. The Bardessono combines green, luxury and the ultimate Napa experience with an amazing Bar and Restaurant called Lucy’s. We started our first night drinking wine outdoors and then making our way to experience the deliciousness of Lucys. If you ever stop in here order the french fries… They are the most amazing fries you will ever have. I. Kid. You. NOT!

  • This was the most amazing bathroom my bum has been in This was the most amazing bathroom my bum has been in
  • Caryn (RockinMaMa) and Chelsey (ThePaperMaMa) Doin what Bloggers Do Caryn (RockinMaMa) and Chelsey (ThePaperMaMa) Doin what Bloggers Do

The next day our agenda is jam packed of awesomeness. Our morning began with a panelist of inspiring green career centered people from Yogitoes, Threads for Thought, Bob Burnquist, Jana Hartline with Toyota. It’s truly inspiring to hear what companies are doing to make a conscious effort to focus their business around sustainability.

Chelsey and I were paying attention and completely inspired. Truly. But, this picture cracks me up so I had to include it. Don’t kill me Chelsey! hehe

Then we got our Yoga on which was hosted by the fabulous ladies of Yogitoes. I’ve never been a yoga person… I’m a mountain bike riding, snowboarding, bmx biking, martial arts kicking and geeky gaming dancing type of physical person. I always thought Yoga seemed boring. Oh, I’ve tried to do Yoga… at home… from a DVD but I never had the full Yoga experience. I was five minutes into this calming Yoga session when I looked over at Caryn from Rockin Mama and I whispered, “This is really freaking hard!”


I embraced it. Powered through it even though my still-giving-me-issues-foot was starting to ache and I walked away absolutely loving Yoga. I’m looking into a Yoga studio now!

One thing that I love about Yogitoes is their sustainability and eco-friendly focus. This is something I talk about regularly with my Girl Scouts and their peers. Seeing more companies focus on sustainability warms my ninja heart.

Then we were off to learn more about Toyota’s EcoDriven vehicles. I’m constantly impressed with Toyota’s environmentally friendly focus and the vehicles they give us as a result. The RAV4 EV for sure caught my eye since plugin vehicles are evolving quickly. I, naturally, gravitated towards the Highlander Hybrid since it is the perfect married between my outdoorsy side and desire to drive a hybrid. When it comes down to it I’d be happy with any Toyota vehicle!

  • 8025955619_8bd77f5b7e_z 8025955619_8bd77f5b7e_z
  • 8025955292_666ea8650f_z 8025955292_666ea8650f_z
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  • 8025957843_f881fed1e9_z 8025957843_f881fed1e9_z

Caryn (Rockin MaMa), Romy (Romy Raves), Chelsey (The Paper Mama) and I ended up driving the spacious Prius V on our way to Sala Salon for an Aveda spa treatment.

I’m not great at being a chick. This is something I’m very vocal about. I was raised by a single Dad who isn’t exactly down with the feminine knowledge. Spa’s and salons are foreign to me and the word product when it pertains to beauty confuses me. However, I’m always down to try something new. I told my stylist to do what she thought was best for my hair… she immediately asked me why I wasn’t embracing my curls.

I don’t know? Because my curly hair makes me look like the offspring from Hagrid and a Wookiee?!

I told her I would leave it up to her. First of all, did you know they give you a scalp massage when they start the Aveda process?! Yup, I’m sold on this. Anyway, Aveda’s Be Curly products have made me actually loving my hair! For many years Aveda has been the one company I can rely on that won’t destroy my sensitive skin or flare up my eczema. It doesn’t shock me I’d find product that would work well with my curly mop of mess on my head.

I guess sometimes I can take a nice picture without faces. Just sometimes.

I left Sala Salon in our Prius V still feeling Yoga pumped and feeling happier about my hair than I ever have been… and this eco-friendly adventure isn’t over yet…

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Toyota Womens Influencer Network and was invited to Toyota’s EcoDriven event because I live an ecodriven lifestyle. I was not compensated for this post or event. My travel and accommodations were provided for me. All opinions expressed are my own.

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JasmineBanks October 6, 2012 at 4:55 pm

You are such a beautiful soul!


DontSpkWhinese October 6, 2012 at 5:29 pm

@JasmineBanks Aw thanks!!! I don’t know if my soul is beautiful… it feels tainted ;P


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