Wondercon 2015 and Family Geekery

by Leila on April 17, 2015

We love going to geek-cons like Wondercon (conventions of ultimate geekery) for different reasons. My husband loves the artwork, getting art signed and meeting the artists. We have an insane collection of geeky artwork that we keep adding to. The kids love the cosplay aspect of it and taking pics. I love sharing something that I love with my family and friends. It’s just a good time!

My now thirteen year old (when did THAT happen) is obsessed with anime. She wanted to create a “gender bender” cosplay – It’s where you take a character and switch it’s gender – of a male character called Soul Evans from the anime Soul Eater. Soul Evans is a dude who has a pretty easy to duplicate outfit. She gave it a girly twist and added her own style to it. She rocked it!

Soul Evans Gender Bender

Our seven year old son dressed up as Captain America the first day we went to Wondercon. He loves Captain America – so does my husband… he is converting our son into a Marvel fan. LONG LIVE BATMAN!

Anyway… he was adorable in his Captain America costume. They both had a great time taking pics with other cosplayers. We had a blast. It made them giddy when someone approached them asking to take a pic of them 🙂 Our 7 year old son has become quite the diva over it.

 Wondercon 2015

It was a store bought costume that has seen a ton of use. It’s a smidgen too small for him, but he wanted to wear it one last time before we retired it. After a long first day of walking around, checking out booths, taking pics, seeing friends and family we were hanging out in the front of the Anaheim Convention Center when the most amazing cosplay I have ever seen stomped out and made a scene.


I was holding our 10 month old and I tossed her into her Daddy’s arms, grabbed my camera, took my son’s hand and ran off to try to get a pic.

Wondercon - Apocalypse vs Captain America

It made his day.

The second day my son dressed up like Jayne from Firefly. This may have been influenced by me. Maybe. Browncoats for life. Shiny 🙂

Wondercon 2015 Soul Eater and Jayne

Yes, that is an R2D2 stroller! My baby cousin is NOT ready to share that droid just yet but my daughter is ready to take it over.

Wondercon R2D2 Stroller

We try to raise our kids in an environment that allows them to figure out their own interests. Our kids are very different and all have different hobbies. We have VERY different opinions on who’s the best superhero. Our oldest decided that he isn’t into these types of cons like Wondercon and part of being a supportive parent is giving them the choice to choose. Even if his choice goes against his Father’s DNA! He is the introvert. Maybe he is just being a typical teen who is rebelling against what we like. Maybe we embarrass him. It’s possible… we are kind of crazy.

It won’t stop the rest of us from geeking out!

Supporting our kids in their different areas of geekery is something I hope more parents do.

Okay, sure it may seem strange to some that your teen or young adult “baby” wants to dress up like a character and parade around with others doing the same thing. But, where is the harm in that? I’m not gonna lie… while Wondercon is VERY family friendly there are a lot of cosplayers who wear basically nothing. I saw more asses hanging out at Wondercon than should be necessary. It was hilarious watching our boys notice the butts hanging out and watching them get uncomfortable.

I never claimed to be a perfect parent. I will laugh at my kids. It’s okay because they give it right back.

If a child, tween or teen likes sci-fi and fantasy books, collectibles from their favorite movies, playing roleplaying games or nerding out on some game that they play with their friends just let them be nerds.

You don’t have to love it or understand it… but, please don’t discourage it. It may be a phase. It may be a lifetime hobby.

Just let them be nerds…

because they may find the actual Tardis. Nothing about the Doctor or the Tardis is bad.

Wondercon - Tardis and Doctor Who