WTF Did You… uh, Draw!? From the Minds of Kids

by Leila on February 22, 2012

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You see those funny pictures kids draw all over the internet and I admit sometimes I think they are fake.

I really couldn’t have come up with this. I could not believe what I was looking at when my daughter showed me the cover of her report.

I mean really? REALLY?!

Are you seeing what I’m seeing??



A picture is worth a thousand words right? He really is going to love me later for these little gems.

My son is sick with a stomach flu. He has been sleeping on my chest so I’ve been reading, writing, tweeting and messing around with iMovie more than usual.

He also spewed all over me and told me, “Mommy. You are the best. I don’t want to puke on anyone but you.”

Thanks kid!

The little sick monkey also discovered that he loves watching clips of himself so we have been going through all the clips since he was an infant. He will announce how cute or funny he is. Narcissist much!? It really makes me appreciate the little moments I catch and also makes me wish I was better about recording their crazy antics.

We found this clip that was from a year ago. He loves telling jokes. I love ninjas. So this was pretty much a perfect combination. I’m also toying around with iMovie so this is the result.