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I really do look like a giant compared to Snoopy!

I think it’s obvious by now that I’m a big kid who loves amusement parks… especially Knott’s Berry Farm! Since the early days of an annual pass I have owned one almost every year. When I lived out of state I still purchased one because I knew I’d want to hit up Knotts, eat funnel cake, play some carnival games and have an epic time with family and friends.

This year, as a pre-Mother’s Day celebration, I was invited to a special event with other local bloggers and we had the Champagne Brunch at Knotts Berry Farm. While I was eating all the delicious food, enjoying champagne and hanging out with my friends my Dad, Brother and Sister in Law had my kids at the park. I met up with them afterwards and my Dad bought the kid’s annual passes since we all planned on being there a lot over the summer… I was really excited about this and when I tweeted his generosity a friend asked why he didn’t get ME a pass?!

Yeah!!! Well, I bought my own that week as a special Mother’s Day treat for myself. It really was just an excuse to get one. It is well worth the price and we spend many summer days at Knotts Berry Farm even if we go just for a couple hours to ride a roller coaster, tackle… I mean HUG Snoopy and get some nummy foods.

A Season Pass to Knott’s Berry Farm is $69.99 for adults and $64.99 for seniors (62+) and kids (3-11). Seasonal passes can even be broken up in 3 easy, low payments of only $23.33! Seasonal passes are valid through December 31st, 2012.

 Your Pass Includes:

Discounts on Knott’s delicious food including the Famous Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant. It’s SO GOOD!

Discounts on Knott’s merchandise including all Snoopy plush and Peanuts character merchandise

No blackout dates.  That’s right, no blackout dates.

Bring A Friend Discount Days

Invitations to special Season Pass holder events.

Exclusive Season Pass Holder Collector Pins

Prices for Knott’s Season Pass go up July 1!

For announcements, updates and other rad info find Knotts online:  @KnottsBerryFarm


What does a lucky reader win???

two (2) Knott’s Berry Farm regular admission tickets

Giveaways for me are always simple. I want to hear your stories or favorites! Comment below on a favorite time at Knotts Berry Farm or a memory involving your childhood with Snoopy and the Gang to be entered in the giveaway. I will pick a winner from and a winner will be announced Monday at 9am Pacific.

Good Luck everyone!!!


*drum roll*

Lee Reyes-Fournier from – Please confirm and email me the address you wish the tickets to be sent to. Thank you ALL for entering! I hope to see everyone around on at Knotts! Remember annual pass prices go up on July 1st!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. All opinions are my own.


Post image for Mothers Day Champagne Brunch at Knotts Berry Farm

Mother’s Day should be a big deal to not only celebrate the important women in your life but also treat yourself as a Mom. Yes, breakfast in bed, flowers and wonderful family gifts are traditionally awesome.

But… seriously… isn’t that kind of boring??

I like to put a spin on most things and give it a bit of a spark. I usually have to come up with ideas on my own since I am a single Mom but that doesn’t mean I can’t have all the awesomeness of Mothers Day just because I don’t have someone doing it for me.

It’s no secret that I’m a big kid. I write about our amusement park fun and if I am at theme park then my Instagram is blowing up with pictures. I was raised in a house of big kids and we like to have fun! I totally blame my upbringing for my childlike behavior. You hear that, Dad?! Going to somewhere like Knotts Berry Farm where I can run around like a kid, take silly pictures, scream my head off on roller coasters that genuinely freak me out, battle wanting to puke my face off and potentially lock family members in jail is MY idea of a good time. Uh, minus the pukey stuff. Seriously, what is with age and the stomach giving up!?

If only they all could be locked up... for realz... forever.

I'm not really THAT tall... Snoopy just happened to be exceptionally short

I also like to eat and am that person who will take a picture of food, tweet it out and start talking about it before I even take my first bite!

Combining my love for amusement parks and good food for Mother’s Day is an absolute win! Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner has a special Mother’s Day Brunch that is a must! All the foods are SO delicious! There is a build your own omelet station, carved to order prime rib of roast beef, waffles, their famous fried chicken and a huge variety of desserts. The champagne and mimosas are also a must. Oh and the champagne is ENDLESS!

Oh... right... uh... there was breakfast I swear!

Uh... Okay so I really liked the Desserts!

The guys running the make your own omlete's were SO awesome!

Yes, I ate it all... and then some

Unfortunately, I had made plans with my family before I knew about this. However, I know what I will be doing next year! If you are looking for the perfect Mother’s Day adventure or just some of the best fricken food around then change up the usual boring breakfast in bed routine and go get some all you can eat grub and endless champagne!
Knott’s Mother’s Day Champagne Brunch
May 13, 2012
9:00 am – 4:00 pm
please call 714-220-5055 for reservations.
mention Mom Blogger Discount to get 10% off your order when you make your reservation.
Mom’s get into Knott’s FREE with purchase of brunch, and additional tickets can be purchased for $25 per each brunch purchased.
Disclaimer: I was invited to a brunch at Mrs Knotts Chicked Restaurant and was given a voucher for shopping in the local shops. All opinions expressed are my own.

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I freaking love Halloween! Candy, costumes and fun times all around… who doesn’t like that?

Actually, I’m sure people who are annoyed by costumes and fun hate this time of year. I totally get that. I can’t stand feet. They are gross. If someone dressed up like a big, giant, hairy, smelly foot I think I would keel over right there. This was kind of a pointless tangent and now I am going to have nightmares about feet. Sweet.


I love the family bonding Halloween creates and the traditions we have because of it. Combine Halloween with Knotts Berry Farm and you have the ultimate combo: Camp Spooky.

My brother, Dad, Uncles and I were… um, err…are… Amusement Park junkies. Knotts Berry Farm is like a second home for us so I am very familiar with this world of radness. But, every time I go I am finding new reasons to fall in love with Snoopy and the Gang all over again.

The kids wear their favorite costumes and are able to Trick or Treat inside the park. They take pictures with their favorite characters dressed up with them. The decorations, music and fun mazes turn an already loved family attraction into even more awesomesauce.

The cast members were so friendly, outgoing and helpful. My son has milk allergies so I had prepared him that there might not be candy he could eat. When I mentioned his allergies to a cast member at a Treat Stop the candy was switched out for the skittles that my son could have. Small things like this mean the world to us.

I was invited to this VIP party at Camp Spooky with many other Social Media enthusiasts. I was able to bring three guests which meant both of my kids and a friend to help me wrangle them. Unfortunately, my daughter was very fatigued and feeling achy that morning but wanted me to go anyway since it was my Birthday. While I had Mommy guilt for not having her with us I’m very thankful that my daughter doesn’t get upset if her special needs cause her to have to sit something out in order for her to rest up. It just makes me so proud.

Plus, we got to the park at 8am on a Saturday and that is really early for us so I think she was making a wise choice! We had breakfast and my son was so excited to meet Snoopy… they even had similar costumes!

We plan on going back to Camp Spooky every year. My son said he would prefer to celebrate Halloween at Knotts Berry Farm than walking around our neighborhood. This is something everyone should check out if you love Halloween, Amusement Parks or Candy!

Boats that Spin Make Me PukeyTrying To Squeeze Two Butts in One Car

One thing I love about going to Social Media events is running into online friends who become real life ones like Natalie who writes Mommy of a Monster & Twins!

Natalie aka Mommy of a Monster & Twins and I

This next picture I’m probably going to start a terrible picture war with my friend, Sugar Jones, whom I adore completely. I added that last part to cover my butt a little bit. See, she really wanted to go on a grown up ride so we met at Montezooma’s revenge which is a fast roller coaster. All it does is go forward into a loop and then you go backwards into a loop and then up really really high. I still can’t hear out of my right ear. Anyway, we snapped this picture before we took off and while we both look terrible and terrified I can’t help but laugh. It endears her even more to me…

Don't Take Terrified Pictures Because One of Your Friends May Put it Up on the Internet

Sugar… I love you woman! Just sayin! She is going to cut me…
Check out the hashtag on twitter for #CampSpooky for more updates, pictures and reviews.


Disclosure: I was provided with free parking and admission to attend this event. I was not compensated for this review. All opinions are my own.