hump day haiku

My Hump Day Haiku weekly write ups have been MIA over the summer but they will be back in full action now that life has calmed down a bit. My daughter has a laundry list of health issues and severe allergies. School was very difficult last year and this summer was all about reconnecting, figuring out what is going on with her body and having as many adventures as we could. Because of that I couldn’t predict what we were going to be up to or when she may have bad days.

I love writing Haiku. I love having twitter and Facebook haiku insult bashes with friends. Hump Day Haiku has become this thing I look forward to every week. I used to write a lot of poetry and Haiku was something I always toyed with… I love the traditional haiku in all it’s beauty… but I also like to think of myself as a wordsmith… molding something a little different and shiny. Yes, hilarious and shock value haiku is not even near what the original art form.  But, I sure as hell like it and I’m glad you all do as well.

I am launching Hump Day Haiku e-books. They will be available on Amazon Kindle and other e-book platforms next week. If you want to sign up for my newsletter I will be making announcement and offering free downloads in the future for these. They are priced very low and meant to be something funny to get you through the hump of the week and share a laugh.

Here are my Summer Hump Day Haiku! Enjoy, feel free to haiku comment or post a Hump Day Haiku and leave the link in the comments below!

About BlogHer:

Hungover. Tired.
Coffee, bacon, eggs… OH YEAH!
WTF!? Oatmeal!?

Who needs a man when
You have a wingbitch for life?!
Single Mom Date Night.

Lots of fun and food
Partied til my eyes fell out
Really need to poop

First BlogHer conference.
Learn, laugh, network, booty dance.
Feeling inspired.


Arrive at 3am.
Tempting Creek by the campsite…
Glow in the dark jigs.

Big lovely redwoods.
So large and dreamy. Serene.
Need a man like that.


Great friends: drinks, laughs, pool.
These friends don’t require lube.
All our livers ache.

Sleeping in fort tents.
Pee snuggles. Breakfast at noon.
Summer shouldn‘t end.

Aquarium day.
My son liked the octopus.
Those aren’t penises!!!!

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