If you are looking for a free place to take the kids and watch them squee over the cuteness of miniature horses be sure to stop by Quicksilver’s Mini Horse Ranch outside Solvang, CA. We spent less than an hour at Quicksilver’s Mini Horse Ranch but the kids really enjoyed this stop! If we had another day in the area we would have gone again. The mini horses are adorable and there are tons of them. If you have a large group that wants to do a guided tour they offer this as well. They are open to visitors every day from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

The scenery in Solvang is gorgeous and it adds to the enjoyment of this stop. The kids walked around giving the miniature horses names and picked which one they liked best. This is not a petting zoo but that doesn’t take away from anything! This is a place to stroll around with your kids, talk about life on a ranch and enjoy the landscape and uber little horsey cuteness.

Off in the distance a neighbor had a standard size horse which really put into perspective how tiny these guys are!

I love simple outings like this with my kids because it goes to show that you can have lots of fun without having to break the bank.

I also love the moments when my son yells out things to me like, “Mommy, is that a boy?! His penis is HUGE! It’s like my size!” Oh my very shy and modest 4 year old son… you wish. Ha! I swear I didn’t react or make a big deal out of that moment but I was dying of laughter on the inside. The kids named this colt, Bob…
But in my head I named him Kickstand.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this blog post. I reviewed it because we genuinely had a great time visiting the ranch. The colts name is neither Bob nor Kickstand… I actually have no idea what his name is but he impressed me more than most men ever could so I had to give him credit.


As a thank you to the amazing people I’ve met through the blogosphere I’m doing another Don’t Speak Whinese T-shirt giveaway for 3 lucky winners! You can view the shirts in my shop. This whole idea of making the t-shirts came from my friends who wanted to show me love and support and wear something funny.

The other reason I decided to run one of these again is because of this picture I took of my Dad today in one of the shirts. He was in the middle of fixing something and obviously LOVED the fact that I was saying, “LOWER YOUR HANDS! Smile! I want to take a picture of you, Dad. Can you smile!?” Plus it is totally an excuse to put this hilarious picture up on my blog as a way to remind him how great of a daughter I am.

Don't Speak Whinese.. or Else!


Love ya Dad! … Please remember you love me too!

I’ll close the contest on Sunday June 5th, 2011 and announce the winners on Monday. I’m having a short window because I personally don’t like to wait to find out if I won free loot! I’ll give the winners 48 hours to respond with size, mailing info and shirt preference. If these winners do not claim their prize then I will select additional winners.


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As a super big added bonus I want to hear your stories about how you Don’t Speak Whinese! You can read about what inspired this from me here. Blog about a time when you have used/waned to use the phrase “Don’t Speak Whinese” and/or a way you would use a Don’t Speak Whinese shirt to get your point across, link me in the blog post and comment below with the link! (5 entries)

I cannot explain how much the support of my blog means to me. This has been an wonderful journey already and I love all the new people I’ve connected with here. I seriously believe that with a positive outlook, sarcasm and yes a bit of booze can change how you feel about your life. It is so easy to fall into the Whinese category but life is too short to spend it bitchy and that is what I am trying to convey here. Laugh, learn, ninja kick those obstacles and live!

Thank you all for being a part of this.

Good luck everyone! And remember… Parenting is fun when everyone stops bitching! So lets spread the word to whine less and have fun!

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