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This week we went to UCLA Medical to try to get some answers for my daughter’s recent autoimmune flare ups. We have some new directions… but no solid answers.

That’s the thing with chronic illnesses and autoimmune issues. Sometimes there are no answers.

We know what is going on with her body but we don’t know why.

And that is the part that sucks.

Without knowing why we can’t know how to fix it.

So, we shoot in the dark.

What we do know is that there is something causing extreme constipation and then extreme diarrhea. Her chronic urticaria (hives) are flaring up again. Her muscles, joints and bones ache. She is getting dizzy a lot, fatigued, doubled over in pain and sleeps a lot more than usual.

Not exactly what a nine year old girl is supposed to be experiencing. [click to continue…]


As a thank you to the amazing people I’ve met through the blogosphere I’m doing another Don’t Speak Whinese T-shirt giveaway for 3 lucky winners! You can view the shirts in my shop. This whole idea of making the t-shirts came from my friends who wanted to show me love and support and wear something funny.

The other reason I decided to run one of these again is because of this picture I took of my Dad today in one of the shirts. He was in the middle of fixing something and obviously LOVED the fact that I was saying, “LOWER YOUR HANDS! Smile! I want to take a picture of you, Dad. Can you smile!?” Plus it is totally an excuse to put this hilarious picture up on my blog as a way to remind him how great of a daughter I am.

Don't Speak Whinese.. or Else!


Love ya Dad! … Please remember you love me too!

I’ll close the contest on Sunday June 5th, 2011 and announce the winners on Monday. I’m having a short window because I personally don’t like to wait to find out if I won free loot! I’ll give the winners 48 hours to respond with size, mailing info and shirt preference. If these winners do not claim their prize then I will select additional winners.


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As a super big added bonus I want to hear your stories about how you Don’t Speak Whinese! You can read about what inspired this from me here. Blog about a time when you have used/waned to use the phrase “Don’t Speak Whinese” and/or a way you would use a Don’t Speak Whinese shirt to get your point across, link me in the blog post and comment below with the link! (5 entries)

I cannot explain how much the support of my blog means to me. This has been an wonderful journey already and I love all the new people I’ve connected with here. I seriously believe that with a positive outlook, sarcasm and yes a bit of booze can change how you feel about your life. It is so easy to fall into the Whinese category but life is too short to spend it bitchy and that is what I am trying to convey here. Laugh, learn, ninja kick those obstacles and live!

Thank you all for being a part of this.

Good luck everyone! And remember… Parenting is fun when everyone stops bitching! So lets spread the word to whine less and have fun!

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Coffee, Kindness and Self Preservation

by Leila on December 23, 2010

My amazing little girl does something for me every morning that shocks most people: she makes my coffee! Sure, it may seem really odd for an 8 year old to do this but it was something she came up with one day. She has an amazing heart and likes to do sweet things for people. Who am I to say no to that?!

There was one morning where we all slept in, I turned into the grumpy, hulk smash, wicked Mommy from the east and I blamed the lack of coffee.  Oh I felt bad that day I was all snap, crackle and pop on the kids. Mommy had a lot of apologies that day. What did my daughter say? “It’s really okay Mommy. I accept your apologies. I know how you get when you don’t eat or have your coffee.” AWESOME!

Do you know how weird I felt the day I was super grumpy and one of my kid’s said to me “Mommy… are you really mad or do you just need to eat?” ACK! Yeah that is a flaw I just cannot hide now is it?

Truth be told, I’m not happy effin sunshine Suzy in the morning. I was even banned to my tent when I went camping with close friends and they only released me when coffee was ready. I remember muttering that it was self-preservation at its finest! Seriously, it’s in everyone’s best interest! Ha! Oh yes I adore my daughter and friends that would make me coffee to save their own arses! Am I really that bad though? Probably. I tried to wean myself off of coffee over the summer and my friends were worried! So I guess that says something.

The day after I had my super cranky morning mommy tantrum my daughter asked if she could help me make my coffee. She is a big helper so I had no objections since she made it clear she had no expectations to drink the stuff. I first explained what parts get hot, what not to touch and what not to do. After that she just started to make it for me. It is pretty awesome. I was feeling so special. That morning I was showing her with praise and telling her how much I appreciated her doing something so thoughtful.

She then asked me, “Um… Mommy, what is it called when someone does something to keep themselves from harm or like trouble and bad stuff…”

“Umm… Self-preservation?” I replied with a raised eyebrow.

All she did was smile at me and that made it all clear.


Don’t Speak Whinese: Where it All Began

by Leila on December 22, 2010

I swear whining to me is like nails on a chalkboard, getting a splinter under my nail, a pimple in my nostril, an un-pick-able wedgie AND a damn mosquito bite inside my ear! Sure, we all have our random bitch fits where we just need to vent but to live life whining about one thing to the next is pretty draining. Misery loves company but I like to show that biatch the door!

When my daughter was a baby I had this absolutely amazing image of how life would be when she was a toddler, preschooler and so on. Oh this glorious fantasy world where all she did was say please, thank you, constantly use her normal voice and never throw a tantrum. She would be the model of perfection because I, after all, would make no mistakes.

Then reality hit and I just wanted that freaking fantasy back again!

I remember standing in the kitchen one day trying to juggle bajillion things at once and while my “perfect” toddler was crying, throwing fits, screaming, demanding and almost pulling down my pants trying to get my attention. I thought I was going to lose my mind. All the parenting books and my sanity slipping processed in my overly tired noggin. I tried to remember… what the hell was the right thing to do in this situation!? Do I get down on her level? Do I use a calm voice? Do I ninja kick her? (Calm down… I wouldn’t! But we ALL think it!) Do I lovingly yet assertively explain how she is hurting my feelings? Do I tell her how she is damaging my calm? Do I embrace her? Do I scream? Do I throw a shoe!? Do I yell at her father and blame him for this?! WHAT DO I DO!?

So I just did what was natural to me and I covered my ears and I kept repeating “I cannot understand your whiney voice. Your whiney voice is hurting my ears. Nice words feel good in my ears. Please find your normal voice and nice words…” and then me being who I am I then added “Please, don’t speak whinese.” I chuckled at that moment thinking I was so witty.

She was quiet. HOLY SHIT SHE WAS QUIET! So I said very calm, slowly and channeled my inner Disney princess “Sweetheart this is Mommy’s normal voice. Saying please and thank you are nice words. Please use them so I can understand you. I cannot understand when you speak whinese.”

That has been repeated thousands of times since then. For a long time all I would have to do is motion putting a hand over my ear, pretend to wince and she would stop, collect herself, change her tone and speak normally. It wasn’t always that easy and still isn’t at times as my epitome of perfection toddler has turned into the perfect little attitude diva. But, I have stayed consistent. I won’t speak to the kids if they whine. I won’t give them something they want without asking politely. I will try my damn hardest not to reward them or give in during an epic tantrum of doom. It’s not a perfect system but for the most part my kids are ridiculously polite most of the time. I’ve even heard my daughter say to her buddy down the street “Don’t speak whinese … learn to use your normal voice!” I just love that.

The Chaos in Arguing