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Hello whovians and other awesome ninjas!

I updated last week about the unfortunate and unexpected circumstances with the Goodnight Pond books and am happy to announce the books are going on sale tomorrow night – Wednesday January 23rd 2013 after 5pm pacific. The books are $15 plus shipping. Domestically they will be mailed flat rate priority and international to Canada, UK and Australia they will go out economy international. Sorry, not able to mail out to other places at this time!

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If you haven’t checked out James Hance and his awesome geeky mashups then you are missing out!

After this final release of this edition the next is moving to the forefront. Yay! More on that will come soon!

I’ve leaked some spoilers on Twitter and Facebook about my other upcoming projects so I will let you all know officially – I’m finishing up a book that is about food allergies and specifically for parents of children with food allergies. After being a parent of a daughter with life threatening food allergies for almost 11 years I’ve spent a lot of time helping other families who are in similar situations. One of my hopeful goals with my blog and social media work was to become a bigger advocate and resource for families who deal with food allergies. After the absolutely amazing and beautiful response from friends, family and online homies I’ve dedicated the last several months to really consolidating our experiences into a book that will hopefully inspire, create some laughters and share some tears. My daughter has contributed to a lot of the direction of this book. It is our heart and I cannot wait to share it with you all.

Beyond that I also need outlets that don’t feel so heavy at times. I’ve been working on hilarious haiku books about things no one should probably talk about. There will be a series of Haiku e-books meant to make you giggle and occasionally wonder, “Did she REALLY just write that?!”

Gotta keep you all on your toes!

Thank you all for the awesomeness in this amazing project and the support in my world of madness. Keep on ninja kicking to happiness because you all absolutely freaking deserve it!


Hello Whovians, Wookiees and Ninjas!

I can’t believe it’s been over six months since this journey began. First… I apologize for the radio silence. I was trying to sort things out and figure out what was the next step for Goodnight Pond before announcing any spoilers.

First, I want to thank James Hance for the illustrations for the first edition of Goodnight Pond. Unfortunately, the source files were damaged and compromised and are now unusable. Gotta love technology! Reprinting from compressed files was deteriorating the quality of this project which is something neither of us wanted. This was devastating and unexpected. Because of how difficult it is to redo artwork and the workload that James Hance has he is, understandably, unable to reproduce the work. Because of such I am moving forward with the project.

The last copies of Goodnight Pond will be for sale soon on my site. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of final copies but I will give ample notice on the sale date. If for some reason you did not receive your copy in the original run or a refund from Mr. Hance please contact me directly and I will resolve this. I want the priority to go to the previous purchasers before releasing the last ones into the world! These will be shipped priority mail and handled by me personally. Once gone they are gone for good.

What’s next?

Onward, upwards and geronimo!!

Goodnight Pond is getting a full facelift, new interactions with the characters and adding additional pages that tell the full story of our little companion. I always felt it wasn’t complete before and now it is. The book is also getting renamed slightly… which will be announced officially soon!

A new illustrator has been hired and his work is impeccable. There will be no rushes on this work and before a release I plan on having a print and digital option for this. Yes, the book about the girl who waited will continue to be a wait. However, the release will be worth it.

All the support is greatly appreciated and I’ve gained so much from this despite the rocky start. As with anything in life there are always unexpected turn of events and I believe on moving forward and ninja kicking through those obstacles.

I look forward to sharing this story with you all and hope you fall in love with it as much as I have. Thank you all for the radness.


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