I like to write about events randomly and out of order.

My first time to BlogHer was in San Diego. My wingbitch, Mely and I had this super awesome Single Mom Date Night that ended at Sparklecorn.

What the crap does that mean??


I asked Mely, “Are there going to be a bunch of people walking around with bedazzled corn on the cobs on their shirts?!”

To my surprise it actually had something to do with unicorns and not sparkly corn on the cob.

I was disappointed by this.

I joked that next year I would show up as a giant sparklecorn. An actual sparkly corn on the cob and I was going to get my dance on.

We laughed. She was drunk. I was too. She thought I was joking…

Then BlogHer in NYC was fast approaching. I was busy helping my dear friend and BlogHer roomie Anissa Mayhew plan the Aiming Low: Come As You Are party and was running out of time to make this Sparklecorn costume happen.

It had to happen.

I ordered it a couple weeks before the event. I dove in my insane craft collection and found every sparkly thingy I could. I wielding my hot glue gun and I got to work.

I actually finished it the night before I was leaving. My flight left at the booty buttcrack of dawn but I was up hotgluing sparkles to my fingers… I mean, to my corn.

I teased with a picture on Instagram asking if anyone could guess my costume…

A few of my friends responded immediately asking if I really made what I said I was going to last year.

As I was finishing up my masterpiece my Dad showed up… He was watching the kids while I was away… and he asked me what the hell I was making.

Me: A sparkly corn costume. It’s for a party called “Sparklecorn”… get it!?

Him: Is this the party you are helping plan?

Me: No… it’s another one at the conference. I really hope I don’t offend anyone…

Him: What kind of conference is this? “Watch Leila be a jackass conference”

Me: That doesn’t even make sense…

Him: Neither does your costume.

I love my Dad.

So, I went to BlogHer. I stuffed a giant sparklecorn costume in my suitcase. I added a tutu. Mely met up with me so she didn’t miss out on the “grand entrance” aka she wanted to make a silly video like this capturing my jackassery…

I danced with Chewbacca… No shit. I couldn’t have planned this better.

I really did it all for my Wookiee


I freaked out my friends. Like Neil and Issa. Neil said something about me looking terrifying.


The days and months following BlogHer I wasn’t “Don’t Speak Whinese”… I was the Sparklecorn chick who got her boogie on until the Unicorn party came to a close.

And I’ll be back next year… with more sparkles. 


Why I won’t speak whinese about #BlogHer12

by Leila on August 10, 2012

I’ve been on the fence for the last two days posting this. I am not trying to stir the pot or ruffle feathers but I really just can’t stand all the whining! It actually bums me out to see so much negativity about this conference.

First I want to start this off by saying – I get disappointment. I understand that things won’t always be perfect. I’ve been there where traveling, staff and expectations fall flat. Sometimes? Shit just sucks.

I get that. I live that. I embrace that and ninja kick the crap out of the way and focus on the good.

Sure, there were hiccups, annoyances and there is just no way everyone will be happy with everything.

Why focus on the negativity? Stop and think – is this one thing getting under your skin worth it?

Why so serious?

Was it crowded? Oh hell yes! But, that was also known before going there. Over 4k attendees and in a busy city… what did everyone expect? There are large conferences and then there are the smaller and more intimate ones… ahem… like the Aiming Low Non-con!

Was the transportation a pain in the butt? Um, of course… we were in NYC.

Were there mean girls? Annoying people? Jerks? Bad food? Stinky creepers on the bus? Music too loud? Bad staff? Uncomfortable/annoying/inconsiderate/fill-in-the-blank-here? Too much swag? Not enough? Not enough sessions? Too many? Too crowded? Nothing of interest? Private party drama? Parties not living up to expectations? Not enough eyecandy!?

Yes. All of the above and then some… so what do you do about it? Either accept that there will be annoying shit and make the most out of it or avoid the things you dislike.

Focusing on those negatives is so consuming. What about the good? That smile from someone you follow? The tip that inspired you? The motivation? The accomplishment that you went out there, to a big ass city with a bunch of crazy ass bloggers in an insanely intimidating situation… and you did it. You went. You were fucking there! And you…

… insert those positive moments here… Hold on to those. Even if they seem minimal to crappy service, rude people on elevators or funny smelling rooms!

Sidenote: I used to live in NYC. It always smells funky everywhere you go in the summer. It’s a smell… I can’t explain it. I got a whiff of it as soon as I got off the plane and then it sunk in my clothes. Bleh.

Never walk around in the city barefoot. *dies*


It’s a conference. It’s not a spa and resort. It’s not Disneyland.

I think we lose sight of the fact that it is a conference. It’s meant to be a way for you to progress your blog – and there are enough ways to make that happen at BlogHer. There are sessions, tables during meals where you can strike up a conversation, expo halls to meet brands, sponsored parties offering every type of atmosphere so you can find somewhere you belong. It’s all there. It’s up to us to make that happen.

Did you go there to learn?Attend sessions and find the right ones for you!
Didn’t find the content you want?Talk to the people you admire most in this crazy blogosphere!
Were the sessions crowded but you REALLY wanted to go? Sit your butt on the floor. Screw it. If it’s something valuable to you then make it work (yes that sucks but don’t let anything stop you from making the conference what YOU want!)
Did you go to network with people?Start conversations!
Did you go for the swag? – Try to go to all the parties that have it and engage in the Expo Hall (don’t be a jackass in the Expo Hall or hover in the drop room… cause… seriously… c’mon… no one likes a psycho ‘swag hag’. Let’s get real people.)
Did you go to get away from your kids, have a luxurious vacation and get your ass pampered?GO TO A FREAKING SPA! 🙂

I was exhausted before I got to BlogHer. I slept minimally. I was anxious helping plan the Come As You Are Party hosted by Aiming Low and The Mouthy Housewives and worried that I didn’t do enough… that things would fall apart or I’d break my foot again… but shhh… I kept my cool the whole time about it. Being away from my kids is the hardest thing ever since I’m a single Mom and my daughter’s health issues can flare up at any moment. My allergies were acting up. I don’t like the heat/humidity. My foot started giving me issues again.

But, you know what? I had a fucking blast! Was it perfect? Hell no. Did I do everything I wanted? Not a chance. Did I see everyone I intended to? Shit nah!


At the end of the day… I push out all the shoulda-coulda-wouldas and I embrace the fact that I made the freaking most of it and have no regrets – I do have a list of things I want to make different next year. But, that is MY choice to make it different.

I talked to many Whovians and supporters of our ‘Goodnight, Pond’ book. I went to some amazing parties. I met a crapton of people. I got the most amazing, lovely and random compliments on what I am doing on the interwebz. I had a TON of street meat.

Plus, I ran around like a jackass in a sparkly corn costume with my wingbitch Melysa at Sparklecorn so anything beyond that was for shits and giggles.

I freaking snuggled with a Wookiee when I was in a sparkling corn on the cob costume! THAT … well… I honestly don’t know what the crap to call that.

Think of it this way - It could have been worse - you could have been me with this insane idea

Seriously, keep on ninja kicking, stop speaking whinese and make it all worth it. Sometimes you just gotta say, “Screw it! I’m gonna make the most of this biatch! LETS DO THIS!” and power through it. Truly, no one can stop you from having a rad time. Lets do it!!!!

Life is too rad to focus on the bullshitI hope to see you all next year in Chicago.


I left early on Wednesday before the sun came up for the BlogHer conference in NYC.

Since I left I don’t think I really slept.

I got in yesterday. We had In N Out – Because, that is what you do when you live in Los Angeles! I unpacked the only swag I took home: toys for the kids. They were happy. I showered. We put on a movie and I crashed so hard.

The best sleep I ever get is post conference sleep!

Anyway, I was a zombie and on east coast time when I woke up this morning. I was looking over my emails, catching up on twitter/texts/messages and just not wanting to get out of bed.

I heard my ten year old daughter get up… then I smelled coffee brewing.

I went into the kitchen and she beamed at me with her big gorgeous smile and said, “Mommy, I got this. Please go rest.”

She has been making me coffee for many years. She is amazing like that… and admits it has a lot to do with self preservation.

Then I heard a blender.

Her and I always joke about who has the craziest morning hair! She won today!

The kid’s Grandma was staying here when I was gone and NaNa always brings the best gadgets. It’s a smoothie maker that makes individual servings of deliciousness. It’s really easy for my daughter to use. It has helped her a lot with increasing fruit intake to help her digestive issues. She also feels very empowered when she can do things on her own.

Why would I discourage that??

So, for breakfast I got coffee, a smoothie and some baked bacon.


Because my daughter freaking rocks.

And no… you can’t have her 🙂