allergic to penis

Allergies, Enunciation, Peanuts not Penis.

by Leila on January 12, 2011

My extremely precocious daughter has always been very curious and always the first to pitch in regardless if I need it or not. I used to run a home daycare when she was younger and she really enjoyed it. When she was two years old I started watching a baby boy. This was the first time I had cared for a non-potty trained boy since my daughter was an infant. She never lets anything get past her. Not a single thing can be left unsolved and she will inquire until I give her an answer that is a satisfactory explanation to anything and everything.

I had also been working on helping her understand her severe, life threatening, allergies. One of the big things that I talked about is how certain foods can be harmful to her if she comes into contact with them so we don’t keep those dangerous allergens in the house. It’s important that she knew her allergies even if they are scary.

So, getting back to the daycare boy…

I was changing his diaper and like usual she asked if she could help. I told her she could get the wipes for me to make her feel like she had a big girl job. She’s a great little helper and never stops telling ME how to do any task as if I have never done it before. Just as I was removing his diaper I had a moment where I wondered if she would notice the difference in their anatomy. Surely I could handle explaining the differences between boys and girls in an educational and plain way that she would be fine with. I worried that she would question me more and dig into a further meaning of WHY they are different because she tends to need to understand every aspect of a situation. I started working it all in my head to prepare myself for the mountain of questions she would go to throw on me. So, it began…

Her- MOMMY! What’s wrong with his vulva!? (Yes, she calls it a vulva)
Me- Boys don’t have a vulva. Boys are different from girls because they have a penis… you see…
Her- MOMMY!! MOMMY!! GET IT OUT OF THE HOUSE!!! (She starts running from me in a total panic) I’M ALLERGIC TO PENIS!!!!!!!
Me- NO NO!! I said “penis” -NOT- “peanuts”-!!! You are allergic to PEANUTS not PENIS!

I don’t think she heard me because she ran in her room, slammed the door and was hiding under her covers on her bed.

So, there I was with a half nekkid boy who still needed to be wiped and was looking quite confused at my daughters sudden outburst and a child who genuinely thinks she is allergic to boy’s private parts and is hiding in fear that his penis will cause an allergic reaction. That taught me to over prepare myself for a situation with kids!

Still to this day she thinks it is hilarious to tell people “I’m allergic to PEANUTS… not PENIS!” Which always makes me bring up this story due to the extremely odd reactions I get.

As her teenage years approach I often wonder if I should have corrected the misunderstanding.