Valentines Day Cards for a Cause

by Leila on February 5, 2013

Valentines Day Cards for a Cause

Two years ago, when I was single, I wrote about why being single on Valentine’s Day as a Single Mom doesn’t have to suck – one of those ways focused on giving back to the community. We call it “Cards for a Cause”.

Whoa… I’ve been doing this for two years! That feels amazing! Ahem… anyway…

It’s become a regular tradition for us to make cards during different holidays and find a place to take them to. We even have playdates and get our friends involved. We have given to Children’s Hospitals, Women’s Shelters, Deployed Soldiers, Halfway Houses and this year we are making Valentines for Vets. I like to try to encourage the kids to do something to think beyond themselves and give when they can. Small gestures can go a long way.

This year our Girl Scout Troop is asking our local friends, family, troops, dens, groups and classrooms to help with our cause.

But, beyond that we are also asking that YOU take some time to give some love to your community.

Take an hour or less to make V-Day cards for an organization in your community with your family, friends or coworkers. A quick google search for a community organization will help you and your family find a place for you to support. Include your children in this.

Follow these simple guidelines:


  • Use Construction Paper and Pre-Fold it to make it easier on the kids. I find that the smaller the cards the faster they will complete them and the more they will do.
  • Provide plenty of stickers, markers, crayons, foam decorations and ideas of what to write. If you do not give kids examples of what to write they will come up with some crazy stuff. You have been warned.
  • Do not use glitter. Why? Because glitter is evil. Seriously. Beyond that… well, I can’t think of much beyond that. If you choose to use glitter just don’t let the kids overdo it. When they spill it, make a huge mess and you have glitter in your house for weeks, then, you can come back and appreciate my anti glitter group! ha!
  • Make it FUN! Let them go crazy (sans glitter) and get creative. Use a paper hole punch and let them thread yarn on the seams. Find ideas and inspiration on Pinterest but don’t forget to actually craft… Pinterest is addicting and we often spend too much time pinning insteading of doing.
  • Avoid including candy. Between it not being healthy, food allergies and messes it’s just better not to do it. If you want to include goodies then think about where you are taking your cards to. A homeless shelter may benefit from a care package full of hotel soaps and non perishable snacks.
  • For safety reasons don’t let your kids put their full names on the cards. If you have a classroom, group or troop then maybe include that.

Let’s do this! Let me know how it goes. Take some time this week or weekend to get your craft on. Find me on Twitter or Facebook and share your pics… I want to show our Girl Scout Troop the power in trying to inspire others.

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junebug1990 February 5, 2013 at 4:40 am

I am so in!!  Going to try to get my playgroup to join me.  Now if I can keep my daughter from eating her crayons, she might be helpful.  LOL


MyValentine2013 February 9, 2013 at 11:41 am

Happy Valentines Day 2013..


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