Middle School, Life Threatening Health Issues and When Things Go RIGHT!

by Leila on September 3, 2013

I expected middle school to be a complete nightmare for my daughter. Not JUST because middle school aged kids are hormonal and my memories of those times were… well… insane. But, because her situation with her health is a little different.

The past two weeks have been hard on her physically. She had a bad allergic reaction, her gastrointestinal issues flared up, eczema and hives covered her entire body and she just felt terrible. This leading up to school starting has been nerve wracking.

When you have the usual frustrations and concerns over your kid entering middle school and then add life threatening food allergies, autoimmune issues and gastrointestinal problems it’s a recipe for freaking-the-crapsticks-out! She was affectionately referred to as a “bubble kid” when she was a baby. Back then things were bad and our road was really rocky. It was difficult to say the least. Back then it seemed unlikely that she would be able to be in public school… and it didn’t seem at all possible for her to attend middle school.

Here we are, 11 years later and still fighting the food fight with a positive no bullshit kind of attitude. Well, she’s the positive force and I’m the no-bullshit bulldozer. It works. I’m constantly amazed by the challenges we overcome and the young lady my daughter is becoming. I look back at everything we have been through and I am just beyond thankful for where we are today.

I never thought I would feel like “Today is a freaking amazing day” on the night before she starts middle school.

I was expecting a ton of hurdles and frustrations managing her health needs, new admin staff and lots of teachers. I thought I was going to have to go in with guns blazing and flipping my shit to get what she needed.

Instead? I’ve been texting, emailing, meeting, calling and laughing/joking with those who oversee her. Everything we needed we got and THEN some and without question or complaint. They have had some amazing success stories with kids who have even more complicated IEPs and they get it. I was thanked for being so informed, logical and having a solid IEP. This response felt amazing. I am thankful for all her doctors, previous teachers and school staff that were there along the way.

Oh sure, we learned a LOT from those that were naysayers and general pains in my ass along the way as well. People who push me only supercharge my instinct to fight back harder and we had to fight a lot.

She starts her middle school adventure tomorrow with a safety net that we both needed. She is able to start school knowing that she has a plan in place with informed and friendly staff that is looking out for her.

This is huge. This is not what I expected. Every step of the way I became more and more relieved. I kept waiting for that one thing… that big hurdle… that something that would deflate this amazing feeling of woohooness.

It never came. That hasn’t happened before and I’m appreciating it right now.

This is only the start and I know we will face more hurdles along the way. But, for right now I am thankful that she will be able to start the day just as any other typical kid. She can start this adventure knowing that everything is taken care of so she is in a positive and safe environment. She can focus on worrying about meeting new people, getting lost and who she will know.

Guess what she worried about tonight? Her NAILS! She wanted me to paint them. She wasn’t stressing about anything other than her nails. That, right there, may seem silly but for me it was exactly as it should be.

I can spend the morning with less stress knowing that all will be well.

Because we make sure it always will be well and this time it was just that much easier.

Maybe I will learn from her and do something about my nails in the morning and be thankful that is all I should worry about.

Thank you all for being supportive to her and joining us on this journey. It may sound cheesy but I truly believe you have to ninja kick those obstacles out of the way to happiness.

She is my proof.

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Leila, aka The Ninja, is the advocate for all things not whining. Parenting is fun when everyone stops b*tching! She is the Mom of a big blended family of five awesome kids. They ninja kick through life together. Oh and she is a total jackass.

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Leighann September 4, 2013 at 8:38 am

such good news! A supportive school, staff, and community is the most important.
I hope her first day is great.
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Tricia O. September 4, 2013 at 2:33 pm

Though I’m in the preschool stage with a child with a nut allergy, I completely understand the trepidation you feel. So glad to hear this year has been better than anticipated. Always a nice surprise!
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Corby September 4, 2013 at 2:58 pm

That’s awesome! I have a few kiddos with life threatening allergies. I immediately thought of your daughter and made sure that I was accommodating and proactive as I could. I’m sad that I lost my go to lunch of PB, but happy I can make the environment as safe as possible for my kiddos. 🙂


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