Visiting Joshua Tree National Park

by Leila on January 30, 2012

Even though I love nature, traveling and adventures I had never been to or thought about visiting Joshua Tree National Park until last March when my friend Sam came to visit from Staten Island. When I started planing another trip out there I realized I never blogged about our first trip!

BTW… I felt the need to mention my friend Sam is from Staten Island so you can all follow along with the Staten Island accent… she is going to be really happy I just said that.

Anyway, every time she visits it’s a whirlwind of exhausting awesome. She is as insane as I, if not more, when it comes to overbooking a schedule. We both love taking pictures, capturing silly moments and blasting them online for all our friends to enjoy (or be exhausted by). One of the main places she wanted to check out last year was Joshua Tree…

My Kids Often Prefer Auntie Sam Over Me

Okay at first I was thinking to Mrs. Nature Lover and Animal Freak… you want to go out to the freaking desert? It’s all just sand right? Nothing to see? Maybe some creepy bugs? How exciting CAN that possibly be? Even with all my preconceived notions about the desert I was down to check it out and have an adventure. All of my assumptions were way off base and I’m so glad we went.

The first thing that really moved me was how loud the silence was out there. That is truly hard to explain. It’s so silent that you hear humming in your ears that is peaceful. It made me realize how many sounds surround us in the city and how we rarely have the opportunity to stop and listen to life around us.

It's a Cloud! It's a UFO! It's Our Minds Going Crazy!

Or I am going crazy by thinking I heard humming noises when it was really silent. Either way… it was rad.

Hey Kids.. Do Not Copy Mommy!

There is so much to cover at Joshua Tree that a day trip isn’t nearly enough. It was on my todo list to make it back again before the year was over. Now I’m planning on getting out there as an annual trip. I’ll have to bring a cardboard cutout of Sam so she can pose with us.

Next Time She Will Be Made of Cardboard

She Likes to Pose

There are places to camp, hike, rock climb and a weird animals to see for all ages. The Ranger Program is always a must for kids when visiting a National Park. My kids learned more through their ranger booklets than we could have explained and they got a rad badge for completing their age appropriate assignments. My kids had a blast here and have been asking frequently when we will return.

Barker Dam is a truly peaceful place. A beautiful man made desert oasis. It’s a 1.5 mile hike that is supposed to be accessible for all. It can dry up during the hot season so seeing this in the Winter and Spring is ideal.



There is also a cave with Native American hieroglyphics. From what I’ve read there are many Native American Hieroglyphics throughout the park.

The pictures just don’t do it justice… it’s one of those places you have to experience. I want to camp here and spend a whole weekend exploring the marvels of Joshua Tree National Park. This is a place for exploring, adventure and lots of great memories. Remember to stop by the visitor center for maps, tips and safety information. Everyone there is very friendly and helpful! If you end up visiting Joshua Tree National Park stop by here again and tell me about it!

Happy travels!

I Pose with Trees

Yes. I'm Much Taller Than Her (Had to Mention it!)

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Sam January 30, 2012 at 8:19 pm

1) You are not THAT much taller than me, you are standing on a rock
2) I have a BROOKLYN accent. I am from BROOKLYN, I just live in Staten Island now, our accents are completely different. Mine is better.
3) I love you & the kids and want to go back to Joshua Tree RIGHT NOW!
4) You must really love rocks, because the park was covered in Joshua Trees (Duh) and I think you have a photo of one of them in the background somewhere. Haha
5) You did a fantastic job of describing the place, especially the silence. Its deafening and surreal. <3
6) I am so glad we went and second your recommendation. Its an awesome place to go!


Leila January 30, 2012 at 8:24 pm

Brooklyn and Staten Island is all the same accent isn’t it… like the Nanny right?!?!

I am THAT much taller than you oh mighty wee Nanny Accented lady! HA!

As I was writing this and putting up the pictures I was thinking I didn’t pick a single one of the Joshua Trees… and I did mentally say “Aw screw it the rocks were my favorites anyway” hahaha!

I miss you. Come out here. I should have a whole blog post dedicated to the pictures I have of us taking pictures of each other… or the ones I have where I took a picture of you taking a picture of something else! haha These are the things that amuse me.
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Sam January 30, 2012 at 8:32 pm

Better yet, you should write a blog dedicated to pictures of us doing kissy face or with tongues out! Lol


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