Outcast Peanut Allergy Sufferers!! Teach Bigotry!

by Leila on March 23, 2011

Did that title get your attention?

Good. I’m probably going to piss off a lot of people with this but those that are constantly bullied, ridiculed, outcasted and shunned because of freaking food allergies need to have people to say, “I’m here for you.”

Today my 8 year old daughter had peanuts for the first time in her life. She has many life threatening allergies so every single one of these milestones is an amazing accomplishment. It means there is one less thing that can kill her within minutes.

One less thing to stress over.

One less hurdle.

One less fucking food to argue over.

One more step towards her having a “normal life”.

We had a long day with the food challenge and it’s a stressful process that takes hours. I’m thankful that her team is so amazing that they help me give her a life like any other kid. There is always that risk that I am putting my daughter at risk each time we do a food challenge… that is why it took me over a year to finally do it.

But, as soon as we got in the car to come home I hear parents on the radio bitching about having to accommodate for a child’s allergies.

Seriously!? WTF?!

To me it seems simple: If X can kill a kid then do not have that around said kid! I don’t care what that thing is… DEAD KID = VERY BAD!

Why is it that a protesting group of parents in Florida don’t get that? They don’t want their kids to be inconvenienced with accommodating a life threatening issue. They say its about rights. They say an entire school should not care about one child’s life threatening health issue. Home school her they say! They don’t want their kids to wash their hands often because they argue that it takes away from class time. However, they hypocritically want classroom parties that involve food to be a part of their child’s “normal classroom experience”.  Dirty hands are okay, lack of compassion is how we live, more junk food to contribute to child obesity is our right… this is what these parents are teaching their children? SWEET! I want to be friends with those jerks!

Basically these parents and their kids have gross hands or want them to have filthy fingers… I want to protest against kids with filth! SERIOUSLY! I don’t like kids touching my face with their grubby fingers! GERM FACTORIES! I want to picket and protest and demand that dirty hand children and SHUNNED from society because their filthy fingers damage my OCD Germaphobe core! They cause the plague! My child got the flu because of their lack of hygiene!

Or, they can learn basic hygiene and wash their damn hands!

In all seriousness its a thing of mine about touching my face. I don’t like dirty hands on my face and I don’t like gross feet. Ugh. Anyway…

When I asked my daughter what she thought about all that madness and if she could see everyone’s perspective she had these things to say:

“People can choose to be mean… I can’t choose my allergies. We should wash our hands anyway.”

“If they don’t want their kids to wash their hands then they can just change schools… is there a dirty hand school? I wonder how gross their hands would be if they didn’t have to wash them??”

“So if these kids don’t like any rule at school are their parents always going to protest against it? What about when they get jobs?”

“Mommy… is this an appropriate time for you to use inappropriate language? Because I will totally plug my ears for this one.”

And finally…

“Until today I never had peanuts. It’s not that hard to live without it. People just like to complain when they are bored.”

And finally the picture above is a picture of my daughter eating peanut butter on a cracker for the first time in her life. But, she said even though she fell in love with the taste of peanut butter she would stop eating it again if it made the girl in Florida feel like she had a friend.

I love my kid. She has food allergies and that is easy to accommodate. I have allergies to bigots and bullshit… not so easy to accommodate.

To those parents that would rather out cast a kid rather than teach compassion… see this blog post I wrote about Why I don’t Put up With People’s Bullshit when It Comes to My Kids Allergies and have a wonderful day.

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