Of Course I Can Go Camping as a Single Mom!

by Leila on January 26, 2011

What?! Of course I can go camping as a single Mom! When someone tells me that I can’t do something it lights a giant fire up my butt to prove them wrong. It is kind of ridiculous. Sometimes it causes me to do silly things like hurt myself by doing headstands in my living room and other times it creates a new tradition for our family of three: Camping.

I had a conversation with my relatives about camping and their immediate reaction was, “You don’t go alone right!?” Well, I hadn’t at that point but I wanted to. Then I was met with all this negativity from them about how I wouldn’t be able to do it, it’s too much work and I need a man there. Should I not do it? Am I crazy for this!? Camping as a single Mom is bad?! Why can’t I?!

Less than a week later I was searching online at Reserve America and I happened to be on at the right time when someone cancelled their spots at Leo Carrillo State Beach in Malibu. I made my lists, double checked all of our supplies and made a food menu for our first camping trip with just the three of us. Sure, we were going just for a one night but I was going to do it! We were camping, just the three of us, a week after I had that conversation and I probably would have procrastinated or invited friends had I not had that conversation. Yeah, I know… it is ridiculous.

Leo Carrillo has it all! We are fortunate to live in Southern California to enjoy places like this. It has tide pools, a beautiful beach, huge campground that is perfect for riding bikes and scooters, hiking trails and its bathroom facilities are great. At the time it was not site specific so we didn’t know what our campground would look like. This was the only part of the trip that made me nervous! We scored a beautiful secluded site, near the bathrooms and it had so many trees that the kids spend a ton of time exploring.  The Grunion were running when we were there so we enjoyed that as well!

Things I learned for our first trip:

  • Pack lighter!!!!
  • Pitching a Tent is really funny when you have a 3 year old who decided at that moment that the game “Smack Mommy’s Booty” was the best idea ever
  • There is such a thing as too much food and this is something I will never actually listen to because I am known for always having too much! But, in the event of some punk ass squirrels who roll up on you to take your bread its good to know that you brought an extra loaf
  • Things will not always go the way you want when camping and that is ok. Laugh at it. Stuff breaks. You forget things. Your kids may freak out in the middle of the night and want to sleep in the back shell of the truck! So that means you end up holding two kids, sleeping bags, flashlights and pillows when its pitch black. Laugh. A. Lot.
  • Layers are really good!
  • Oh and carry pepper spray and know how to use it. Safety first.

So yes, it can be done! We have a yearly fun budget that we use for trips and passes but my kids have decided they want to use the majority of that money for camping! I’m very excited about this.

Check back here soon if you want to learn more details about camping with kids! I will be adding lots of information on what to pack, how to stay safe and why we all should disconnect and rough it every once and awhile!

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