My Son is Difficult… Because He Thinks Its Funny To See Me Lose It!

by Leila on September 3, 2011

My dear sweet 4 year old son: Mommy how do you spell cat?

Me: C-A-T (we are practicing spelling and word recognition)

Him: Something – A – aaaand.. ummm whats that other letter?

Me: Huh? It’s C-A-T. Please repeat.

Him: I can’t. I can only say A. I can’t say the other ones.

Me: What other letters can’t you say? (I know what you are doing, dammit!)

Him: C and T

Me: You just said them!

Him: Um…. no I didn’t…. (He said with a big ole grin)

Me: You can’t tell me you can’t say something and say it at the same time. That is lying!

Him: No, that’s me being difficult.

…….. He then ran out of the room laughing saying, “I looooove yooooou Mommy!”

It’s not that damn funny to see me lose it. He always antagonizes me and then he laughs at me. He likes to get under my skin as humor. He loves making fun of me. I have NO IDEA where he got this from.

No idea.

He is lucky he is cute.

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