Mommy: The Destroyer of Dreams and Purger of Your Precious Crap

by Leila on February 7, 2012

Children come with too many freaking accessories.

Babies have so many clothes that most don’t even get worn before the little spawns outgrow them.

Toddlers require a lot of gadgets to entertain/enrich/appease them. They also come with more safety gear to protect them and us since they are like mini Godzillas with a mean temper tantrum.

Then enter the world of books, crafts, puzzles, dress up clothes, games and all things that help a developing preschoolers mind.

Beyond that age they begin to voice real opinions on what they like and what they don’t.

I’m pretty sure my kids are hoarders and I also blame my Dad for this. I tend to blame him for everything because A) It’s usually applicable and B) That’s what he gets for not reading my blog. He holds on to a lot of sentimental things that he just can’t part with. I get that. I do it as well on a mild scale… don’t even begin to ask about all the craft supplies I have!

My kids hold on to everything. EVERYTHING. They don’t even like to throw away packaging. This past month my back has been all sorts of messed up so the house has started to look like Toys R Us vomited all over the place. It makes me absolutely insane that I can’t accomplish everything that I want to but I’ve been limited.

It sucks big ones.

So, I gave the kids warnings. Many many warnings. I told them as soon as my back was better and I could bend and lift again that I would be purging if they didn’t get it under control.

That day was today.

My back is still messed up however I just couldn’t take it anymore.

I’m three bags into the purging process and it feels good. The kids are upset of course. They make their cases. They plead. They cry. I do feel bad but c’mon… kids have WAY too much crap! I always worry if these moments are going to upset or hurt them. I wonder how much damage I am doing. I know what needs to be done though.

Most of the toys are getting donated to a women’s shelter and the broken toys get sent off to the dump. Yup. To that black hole of unwanted and unloved toys.

My son even had the nerve to bring up Toy Story 3 when I tossed out a broken Buzz Lightyear. You know what scene I am talking about. With tears in his eyes I said “I am the destroyer of dreams! TO THE DUMP!”…

I was genuinely trying to be evil but he laughed at me. Then he spent ten minutes picking up toys yelling “TO THE DUMP!”. We laughed… and made games out of picking up and purging and that Mommy guilt was gone.

For now it seems to not be life shattering… until there is another moment where I put on my evil cape and become Mommy the Destroyer of Dreams again. Until then… it’s nice to see the damn floor.

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