Hump Day Haiku: Hobbies, Girl Scouts and Frenemies

by Leila on April 20, 2011

Here is a quickie Hump Day Haiku! Add your own in a comment or on your blog and link up!

I’m pretty sure that
My house will never be clean.
Damn all these hobbies.

I’m in a constant state of reorganizing and decluttering my home. I’ve been gone more than home the past month and its taking its toll on my home. I need a full month to get everything situated. It is ridiculous. I was an organized person before I had kids.

Girl Scout Leader is
Not a role I expected
I fucking love it.

I talk about this a lot but I really love Girl Scouts and I hope my daughter continues it. With my weird lifestyle and my back tattoos and extremely abrasive personality you wouldn’t think I’d be this uber Girl Scout leader… but I am. I’m accepted and embraced by the “veteran” leaders. Its a pretty awesome thing for us… even if I made fun of Girl Scouts in my younger years 😉

“Jealous ex Girlfriend”
That’s not how mad friends should act.
Bitches be crazy!

When things go wrong in the world of friendships you see a weird side of people. It can be something minor or major. I thought it was just a teenager thing but it can start in prek and carry over into our golden years. Listening to my 15 yr old niece talk about her friend drama really made me realize… crap, it just never ends does it!?

Every week I will pick a new Haiku topic. You can join in with my topic or haiku what inspires you!

This weeks topic is: Hobbies, Girl Scouts and Frenemies!

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Armando Subia April 20, 2011 at 6:02 pm

I need more hobbies
I get bored way too easy
You think drinking counts?


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