Food Allergies: Dairy Free Cupcakes Sprinkled with Radness aka My Daughter Kicks Booty

by Leila on August 26, 2011

How often has someone made you cupcakes just to brighten your day? What about your kids?

At first I thought I would write this blog post saying how stoked I am that my kid made egg and dairy free cupcakes all by herself when I was at a Girls Night Out.

I mean shit… she has made them with me for years but never on her own… and she did it so I wouldn’t have to worry about it tomorrow and wanted me to feel special when I came home.

She has a friend’s birthday party tomorrow and we have rad friends that are happy to let us bring cupcakes that are safe for all so my daughter doesn’t feel excluded at cake time. We also have a lot to do tomorrow since school starts soon and I feel like I’m going crazy trying to juggle geese… while bouncing in moon shoes… on a boat… that’s on fire.

Then I thought I might talk about single parent dating and how kids are seen as baggage. It’s like we have these signs on our foreheads that say “BACK OFF” or “DANGER” or “DAMAGED” just because we have kids. It is so typical to hear people be non supportive of “dealing” with kids that aren’t theirs. Really? Yeah, people can suck.

Then I was going to tie that in with how people are stupid to think that a kid who makes cupcakes for her Mommy is anything negative..

If people still think like that even with a thoughtful cupcake cutie then they are just jealous that no one is making them cupcakes. We would mock them and eat our cupcakes right in front of them! HA! Actually, I would mock them and she would give away her cupcakes even to kid haters… and she would then make me feel guilty. Like, really guilty.

Because I raised her to be better than her Mommy… the greedy cupcake keeper.

My nine year old cupcake creator also made me a card. She explained why she made the cupcakes for me and how she wants to one day open up a Cupcakery that has safe, allergy friendly and delicious options… just so people can have choices for food allergy sufferers at parties.

I just stared at them for awhile completely dumbfounded. I was both proud and amazed. Honestly, I started to cry.

I really don’t cry that often… it makes me want to punch myself in the face!

She has had life threatening allergies her entire life and it’s been the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced. To say that it’s been hard for us is an understatement but it is not something you will ever hear me complain about. I modify our lives, plan accordingly, keep her safe and try to avoid situations where she will feel like the weird food allergy kid.

I would give anything to take away the fear I have lived with for these nine years and I would give even more to take away her bad days, pain and everything she has gone through. But, I am so damn proud of that kid for being stronger, kinder and more thoughtful than most. She is who she is because of her challenges and I am a better person because I am both humbled by it and stronger… like a crazy ass Mama bear defending her cub.

Or… defending my cupcakes.

Tonight I realized that even though I always have guilt for having some non-kid time and I am often angry when my kid has to deal with more than most… that these moments wouldn’t be possible if everything was perfect. Perfection is a stupid mirage. Flaws make us glorious in our own ways. I’d rather be a flawed reality in an imperfect world than a perfect hologram of something that I’m not. There is a silver lining in everything…

or a chocolate center with blue and green frosting in a liner.

Either way I couldn’t be more proud.

And I also ate three of them so I’m on a sugar high and ecstatic Mommy rush at 3am. I really hope she loves me enough to also make me coffee in the morning!

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