Childhood Memories in Tokyo, Power Rangers and Empowerment

by Leila on September 17, 2013

When I was a kid I spent a lot of time in Tokyo visiting family. I wish I could make it out there regularly and am already longing to see the Sakura again. There are a lot of things about my personality and stuff I say that is greatly influenced by my time in Japan.

My main philosophy in life is “Live, laugh and Ninja kick to happiness” and I mean that with every fibre of my being. A lot of people think of me when anything Ninja related comes up… and when I was a kid Power Rangers was my thing. Along with a ton of other strange obsessions but we won’t get into that… for now.

I’ve always loved action movies and shows. I never saw martial arts as violent. I’ve always seen them as a form of physical power, way of life and entertainment. Some martial arts scenes are like a masterpiece of beauty that most would see in dance.

Besides… it’s just fun!

I’ve followed the Super Sentai series (where Power Rangers came from) since I was a kid and was borderline obsessed with them. The problem was that I was following shows like “Go-Renger” “Fiveman” “Changeman” and “Turboranger” that was only shown in Japan. We used to record the shows when we visited and bring them back to the states. They were all in Japanese. My Japanese is terrible! So, I could only understand a small portion of the dialog… but I was hooked. There was a “bad guy” who always peed his pants when the rangers showed up and he would have to mop it up.

That was hysterical. I obviously have a very very mature sense of humor.

And yes, I bought some Power Rangers goodies while I was in Japan this year! I had to!

Then Power Rangers came to the states and while I was a little too old to be into them but I still was. That’s how I roll! I also enjoyed that the fight scenes were often the same that were filmed in Japan for the Super Sentai Series but they were completely different storylines. I would try to figure out which scenes were the same in the different series… because I’m a nerd. What?

Lately we have been watching a lot of Saban’s Power Ranger Megaforce. Actually, it’s the only DVD that I have let the kids watch in the car on road trips. I rarely let them use that thing but it’s become our travel DVD ever since. It’s one of those shows that my older kids pretend that they are just watching it because their 6 year old brother wants to. Sure, our almost 14 year old young man would probably not like me saying he laughs at all the jokes on Power Ranger Megaforce but he does like it.

I find this series of Power Rangers to be very entertaining. The characters and personalities are great. The dialog can be very cheesy but that’s what I love! I love that kind of comedy for kids because it’s not obnoxious. The grossout obnoxious humor shows for kids make me cringe! Give me the cheesy one liners, witty bantering dialog, meaningful messages, some downright fun kick booty action and save the world in the process.

If you know me then you have probably heard my really loud, startling, issomethingwrongwithher, laugh that occasionally bursts out of my face uncontrollably when I find something really funny! I also laughsnort when something is hilarious because I have the tiniest nose on the planet and insignificant nostrils. Why am I explaining all of this? I have no idea now… but, my point was going to be that this new series of Power Rangers makes all my horrible laughing traits come out. That, in turn, makes my kids laugh AT me which is always a fun time.

I feel strongly that humor is an important key to making life rad. The humor in these shows balance out any kind of perceived violence. The fighting isn’t the focus its the empowerment of it all. The way a child can fantasize and dream about being a modern day ninja, with his or her very different friends, and save the world is a powerful message and one I’m happy to enjoy with my kids.

 Disclaimer: I was invited to be a Saban Brand Ambassador. I do not take on many sponsored relationships these days and when I do I am very picky about them. I’m not compensated for my post and all opinions are my own. My children occasionally receive Saban goodies for my participation in the program.  

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Leila, aka The Ninja, is the advocate for all things not whining. Parenting is fun when everyone stops b*tching! She is the Mom of a big blended family of five awesome kids. They ninja kick through life together. Oh and she is a total jackass.

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Kristin September 17, 2013 at 6:22 pm

I have to admit that I LOVED Power Rangers Dino Thunder because not only did it have the great, campy humor but it had fabulous eye candy in the form of the grown up Jason David Franks.
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