Birthday Expectations, Sons and Newborn Spike from My Little Pony

by Leila on June 1, 2012

I still can’t believe that my son has turned five years old. We all say this but really…

Where has the time gone?

This year has been weird with injuries. I hurt my back earlier in the year and then we got slammed with a multitude of illnesses. Despite everything I still make the most of it and juggle the life of a single Mom. I also realize how amazing my friends are that help me even if I protest.

Then I did something really stupid and I fractured my foot last month which happened right before my son’s birthday.

This is devastating at the time. All those expectations of having the perfect party that someone else set up that we all, for some reason, feel we have to live up to. I felt like his birthday would be ruined. I felt like I failed him. I’m all about ninja kicking through life’s obstacles but what if you can’t even ninja kick?

I had to shift my perspective… this was about what my son wanted. It wasn’t about my expectations or what I thought he needed.

The kids understood my limitations and we were adjusting to Mommy not walking around much. Actually, it made me realize how crazy our life gets and how nice it is to just chill and be the three of us. The kids were enjoying the downtime just as much as I was even though I’ve been going nuts not being able to do anything.

My son had few requests: Cupcakes, Movie Marathon and Baby Newborn Spike from My Little Ponies.

Wait, what?

Yes, newborn Spike from My Little Ponies. He wanted to have a baby dragon to feed and take care of.

My son has his own tastes. He loves baby dolls and is a super baby doll daddy! He is also a daredevil and fearless with his bike and scooter. He will get his Power Ranger on and then make play food for his super hero action figures. Basically, he is awesome.

This put me in a bit of a panic because I couldn’t get to any toy stores and finding one online was near impossible. I didn’t realize this was a new toy and finding a substitute was a fail. After a few people checked stores for me with no success I ended up buying it online, expedited shipping and it arrived a day late. It was worth it. Spike ranks up there with his favorite stuffed animal and his “Baby Joshy” that he takes everywhere. He also got a My Little Pony set that includes Spike and he is thrilled about it in addition to a SWAT costume, Jedi Robe, Army Gear and a multitude of other gifts from family and friends.

We didn’t have a big party. We didn’t have a grand celebration. We were just us and made the most of it and my kids didn’t suffer from the lack of anything. Actually, my son said it was his favorite birthday ever because he got exactly what he wanted.

Next year I’m going to make sure to ask him what he wants a month before so I don’t have to stress if I happen to break something else again. It can happen.

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