Best Halloween Theme Park for Young Kids – #CampSpooky

by Leila on October 3, 2013

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Disclosure: I have received tickets to attend a media event in return for this post. No compensation was received. All opinions are 100% completely my own.

I cannot go anywhere this time of year without getting ideas on how to transform my home into a Halloween maze. I’ve seriously been considering making a “creepy kitchen” or scary bathroom.

If there is any place that is appropriate to scare your house guests it would be the bathroom. Just saying. hehehe

This time of year is always my favorite. I love scary stories and horror movies. I happen to mostly wear all black and my idea of dressing up has to do with halloween costumes rather than formal wear.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed I’m kind of a big kid. I would rather be out having fun than sitting at home. Well, unless I am obsessing over a book I can’t put down.

One thing I have heard often is “Wow, you really like going to theme parks!” and I think, “Well, why wouldn’t I??” Despite how easily I get motion sickness I still love roller coasters. I also love that a theme park like Knotts Berry Farm offer family fun for all of us. Our four kids range from 6 years old to 14. However, their ages have nothing to do with what they enjoy the most at a theme park. The 6 year old thrill seeker would go on the fastest and craziest rollercoaster at any theme park out there if he was tall enough to do so. He terrifies me. Our oldest likes the more mellow rides and isn’t fond of heights. We are even at the magical age where we are planning our first family Knotts Scary Farm night with the older kiddos and their friends. While this milestone feels like a huge jump towards their adult years I can still hold on to some younger kiddo magical theme park goodness – Camp Spooky!

Every year we attend Camp Spooky and my kids always look forward to it. Who wouldn’t love to go to a theme park decorated with Halloween awesomeness and enter in costume contests? They also trick or treat within the park. Camp Spooky runs weekends October 5-27 from 10AM to 5PM and it is geared for kids ages 5 – 11. I know my 11 year old plans on making the most of it this year and, of course, the costume preferences for my 6 year old change every few minutes.

While I love the dark and creepy side of Halloween I do love to enjoy wholesome (not so creepy) funsies with my kids. Those times combined with our favorite theme park creates an annual tradition that I love dearly.

Random tidbit of awesomeness: I’m going to try to convince the kids to dress up in a Doctor Who theme this year. I love themes! They probably won’t go for it but I’m going to kick and scream and use my scary Mom voice if I have to. Okay, maybe not but I have to try. Happy Halloween everyone!

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