Before I write about BlogHer’12 I want to say: My Daughter ROCKS and I am happy to be home

by Leila on August 6, 2012

I left early on Wednesday before the sun came up for the BlogHer conference in NYC.

Since I left I don’t think I really slept.

I got in yesterday. We had In N Out – Because, that is what you do when you live in Los Angeles! I unpacked the only swag I took home: toys for the kids. They were happy. I showered. We put on a movie and I crashed so hard.

The best sleep I ever get is post conference sleep!

Anyway, I was a zombie and on east coast time when I woke up this morning. I was looking over my emails, catching up on twitter/texts/messages and just not wanting to get out of bed.

I heard my ten year old daughter get up… then I smelled coffee brewing.

I went into the kitchen and she beamed at me with her big gorgeous smile and said, “Mommy, I got this. Please go rest.”

She has been making me coffee for many years. She is amazing like that… and admits it has a lot to do with self preservation.

Then I heard a blender.

Her and I always joke about who has the craziest morning hair! She won today!

The kid’s Grandma was staying here when I was gone and NaNa always brings the best gadgets. It’s a smoothie maker that makes individual servings of deliciousness. It’s really easy for my daughter to use. It has helped her a lot with increasing fruit intake to help her digestive issues. She also feels very empowered when she can do things on her own.

Why would I discourage that??

So, for breakfast I got coffee, a smoothie and some baked bacon.


Because my daughter freaking rocks.

And no… you can’t have her :)

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