Baby Rapunzel Costume – My Favorite Costume Ever

by Leila on November 15, 2014

Baby Rapunzel Costume

Yeah… she is pretty stinkin cute in her baby rapunzel costume, huh?!

The week of Halloween I decided to make a Rapunzel costume. Because, making a freaking costume last minute makes a ton of sense with an infant in tow.

Anyway, I usually make our costumes or at least part of them but, the kids had their costumes handled this year. Since the baby was born time seems to be flying by so I was going to stick with something simple for her.

My seven year old son wanted to sing the music from Tangled to the baby the weekend before Halloween…

Then it hit me… I said in my very excited yelling voice, “Oh my gosh wouldn’t she look so cute as a baby rapunzel?!?!?!”

And so it began.

I made the hat first by creating a beanie with a thick yellow yarn. Then I made up the rest adding chunks of yellow yarn and attaching it. As it came together I was shocked at how adorable it was.

Baby Rapunzel Costume

Sometimes I have crap ideas. Sometimes my ideas are alright. This one was freaking amazeballs. I had NO idea what I was doing. I took some pics and then continued on with this crazy little project.

Baby Rapunzel Costume

After the hat wig thingy was complete I put together the onesie and tutu for the baby rapunzel costume. Honestly, if I had more time then I would have made the actual outfit different. I just put it together with clothes and supplies I already had. I didn’t even sew it! I just hot glued it suffering only minor injuries, as usual.

Baby Rapunzel Costume

I’ve been asked a lot if I would sell baby rapunzel costume hats. Anything is possible and I’ve considered opening up my Etsy shop again. If you are interested then send me an email and we can discuss it. I like making stuff when I am binge watching something!

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