ABBA You Can Dance for the Wii and Disco Party of Radness!

by Leila on December 16, 2011

I probably talk about Just Dance related games almost as much as I talk about my children… as well as ninjas and wookiees. That is pretty significant!

I love to dance. I also love to goof off and have fun. I really love getting friends together and doing all of the above. Add some costumes in that and you pretty much have my perfect night.


The ABBA You Can Dance game for the Wii by UbiSoft is a must have for any Disco or Just Dance fan! It has all of the greatest hits like Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen, Waterloo and tons more. You can dance with up to four players.

Two other rad features are the mini-musical and karaoke! With the mini-musical you dance, sing and follow a story. It’s like disco interpretive dance but a billion times better. You will need a USB microphone to play the Karaoke feature and two players can sing at the same time which allows you to sing duets. Don’t worry… it will not record your singing! That is what everyone’s iPhones are for and you may just end up on facebook or youtube. That is if your friends are anything like me!

Here are some snapshots from the epic ABBA night but you will want to take the time to watch the video below.

I honestly didn’t know a lot of ABBA songs but I’ve never skipped them on the radio. This game made me a huge fan. The dance moves are often very silly (because hellooo it’s DISCO!) which makes it even more entertaining. So get your disco ball, groovy clothes, disco accessories and rock an afro for the night and have some fun!

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