Why Would Anyone Google Search That… And End Up On My Blog?

by Leila on September 17, 2013

I’m not a judgmental person. I’m really reaaaally not. I’ve been told some crazy things and I accept that people dig their own things.

People are brilliantly unique creatures and the differences fascinate me.

So, to each their own. Learn, love and respect… right?? Right.

But, when some freaky google searches land someone on my blog I can’t help but laugh. The visuals are… well, I can’t UNSEE these things!

I remember this popping up but I totally forgot about it until I was going through my folder of random things that make me laugh. I figured I should just share it with you all because it makes me teehee that much.

Make Love to Backpacks... really?

 It never occurred to me that someone loves backpacks THAT much and I didn’t expect this tidbit of information to surface after I wrote about the Japanese randoseru backpacks I got in Tokyo this year.

I’m probably alone in loving this in the same way the googler loves backpacks… but sometimes you gotta share these visuals so others are stuck with it as well.


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