BlogHer in NYC and I’m giving away copies my book – Goodnight, Pond

by Leila on July 30, 2012

I’m insanely busy.

I feel like I say that a lot.

I also feel like I’ve been a crappy friend, neglectful blog owner and general whirlwind of insanity!

But, life is amazing… the kids are healthy and happy. We are enjoying the shit out of the summer. I also absolutely love where my life is right now.

Even if it’s been an intense amount of work and almost breakdowns. Genuine – almostlostmyshit – breakdowns.

Even ninjas can have them! However, I keep on ninja kicking and getting more done than I thought possible.

What I didn’t get done this year were shirts. I know many people wanted more Don’t Speak Whinese shirts and it just didn’t happen.

What I also have to give are copies of the book I wrote with James Hance when I broke my foot, ‘Goodnight, Pond’ – a parody book for the next hopeful companion.

If you don’t get the book right away then you aren’t obsessed with Doctor Who and I demand you figure that out! If you are a Doctor Who fan then this book is honestly amazing. James Hance and I have poured so much in to this self published book project and the response has been heartwarming.

Many bloggers have asked if I would be having anything going on with this book at the conference. So, I decided… lets do a little giveaway. The only thing is that you gotta meet up with me at BlogHer to get your copy of ‘Goodnight, Pond’ and take a picture. I like pictures! As part of the Aiming Low crew I will be at the Come As You Are party Saturday night and will be taking TONS of pictures there so you will have to stop by – even if you don’t win a copy. I like meeting people and I promise not to tackle you (okay, I can’t promise that)

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I had new business cards and awesome stickers made by Lindsay Goldner of LLY Designs that I will be handing out at BlogHer this year. These are rad!!!! I also have some fun bottle opener keychains left over from the events this past year. Uh, I just like giving people ish they like and having an excuse to break the ice. Come up to me and say “Yo, ninja I want some stickers!” and all will be well :)

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