As a thank you to all the #BlogHer12 support for Goodnight, Pond we are having another giveaway!

by Leila on August 10, 2012

First – you may have stumbled here and are wondering – What is ‘Goodnight, Pond – A parody book for the next hopeful companion’?!

“Our brand new self-published book, a tribute to one of the most beloved bedtime stories ever, and one of the most successful SciFi shows of all time is stacked with geeky little references for Whovians of all ages to enjoy. It’s soft bound, measuring 8″ x 7.5″ with 24 full color pages of geeky goodness. It is, quite literally, bigger on the inside!”

This is illustrated by the amazingly talented and well known pop-culture mashup artist James Hance and we co-authored this book together. What happens when two creative geeks hangout and obsess over Doctor Who? This book.

Sometimes I’m not the best at hosting giveaways. I love them but I’m not that uber giveaway lady. Sometimes I worry that they will fall flat… Yes, sometimes… even the ninja kicker… fills her head with doubt…

Like when I decided to have a giveaway for copies of our book ‘Goodnight, Pond – a parody book for the next hopeful companion’ two days before the NYC conference BlogHer!

I thought… wow, I should have done this sooner. No one will enter. Will there even be Whovians at the blog conference? Would anyone really care to meet me at the conference and talk about the book??

The end result? Was so insanely heartwarming! The response to the book, contest and those that found me in the halls asking to take a look at it was amazing.

I honestly wasn’t expecting it and walked away with such an elated feeling that I am sincerely thankful for. 

Thank you to those that entered the contest. Thank you all who just wanted to read the book. Thanks so much from the bottom of my crude sarcastic heart for all the genuine loveliness. James Hance and I are gobsmacked by the response.

We want to give back in ways that we can as a thank you for all the support on this project. So, I’m hosting another giveaway – this time ALL can enter. Not just those who were attending the conference. Good luck everyone and thanks again for all the awesomeness!

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