Babies Are Weird aka My Bitey Ninja

by Leila on February 6, 2015

I’ve experienced some really strange moments since I became a Mom. All babies are different and do different things. Babies all have their unique quirks, personalities and these moments where you scratch your head and wonder WTF is wrong with them.

My 8 month old? She is a little twisted. She does really odd things. She likes to bite. She bites when she is happy. She bites when she is mad. She likes to bite random objects when she is exploring them. She really likes to bite the couch. Yes, the couch.

She’s an odd one.


WTF Did You Say

I used to think I would dread the tween and teen years. Sure, the hormones suck. Sometimes they damage my calm in ways that are unimaginable. But, there are moments I really enjoy when their innocence clashes with the world they weren’t aware of in their youth. I keep open dialog with the kids as much as I am able to. It’s important to me that they know they can talk to me about anything. Even if talking to me about anything can make me uncomfortable.

Sometimes it’s hilarious.

My Sometimes Awkward 12 Year Old Daughter – Maybe he is going to be her… loooooveerrrrr…. (does this weird eyebrow thing)

Me – Uh… what? Are you having an allergic reaction? What is making you do that eyebrow thing?!

My Innocent 12 Year Old Daughter – haha What?! You know! Lover! Like someone you love a lot.

Me – That’s not exactly the definition of lover based on the way you are saying it and how you are innocently implying something you aren’t aware of.

Her – What does it mean?! I thought it was just someone you love a lot!

Me – Well, it can be used as the lover or an object like “My daughter is a lover of books”. But, the way you are using it is more like the sexual way…

Her – The what way?!?!?!?!

Me – Like a lover can be used as being someone a person is having sex with and it used to mostly mean having sex out of marriage or in an affair way…

My Completely Embarrassed 12 Year Old – Oh. NO!! EEEEEWWWWW….

Me – So, yeah. Read your fricken dictionary!

Her – MOMMY!!! You listen to a lot of inappropriate music with that word in it!!!

Me – What?!

My Adorable Now Freaking Out 12 Year Old – And oh my gosh I used that lover thing a lot and it’s all so gross now!! I’m replaying every time my friends and I said it. We are disgusting and don’t even know it. How embarrassing!!!

Me – Well, that word you keep using. I do not think it means what you think it means…

Her – Not funny… eeeewwwwwwww… I used that word with my kittens! Like that they are my lovers!!

Me – That is gross and we wouldn’t call that lovers it’s a different word entirely …

Her – I don’t want to know. Ever. I’m ruined.

Me – I’m loving this! Use. Your. Dictionary!!

My Completely Mortified 12 Year Old – Wait… WHY IS THERE A WORD ABOUT CAT SEX?!

and I left it at that… laugh snorting so hard I couldn’t breath.

Teenagers are hysterical.


Four Months Already With This Baby Ninja

by Leila on October 16, 2014

Baby Ninja Faces

Four months seemed to fly by in a blink with this little ninja of mine. I feel like a jerk any time someone asks me how things are going now because I always say, “Awesome… she’s such an easy baby!”

I could have been in such a sleep deprived state that it seems like pure bliss… so, there is that.

Actually, I sleep more than I did before she was born. You can hate me now. Though, that isn’t saying much because I was used to rocking four hours of sleep like nothing. Now I become exhausted and thankful that this baby sleeps six hours a night and doesn’t want to be disturbed until after noon.

Yes, you can hate me more now. It’s cool. I totally would too.

It’s been said to me that her being so easy has to be some kind of reward for going through a very complicated and stressful pregnancy. It’s also been said that she is throwing me off guard and will be an evil stormageddeon before I know it. She is already a feisty hair puller!

Hair Puller

It hasn’t been completely stress free. She for sure has allergies to milk and peanuts so I’ve cut those out of my diet. I will write more about that later. Now that I figured those allergies out she is no longer a pretty puke projectiler. Vomit everywhere… all day and every day. That was the first couple of months.

My almost meltdown moment was after two days of not showering, feeling gross, sore breasts, nipples that felt like they were going to fall off, an angry recovering uterus and being in that whirwind of postpartum wtfuckery trying to keep my sanity intact and after I finally showered I held my baby girl and BLAMMMMOOOOO SPLAT… puke. All. Over. ME! See? I told you it hasn’t been perfect. I can laugh at that now but in the moment it felt like “fuck this shit o’clock”!

She would go from puking, to giggling, to puking some more, having a lil fit while puking even more and then passing out unexpectedly. It’s like every fucking bad partying night with that one person who couldn’t hold their booze and became THAT drunk. Except this boob drunk baby is adorable.

boob drunk baby

Anyway, I spent the summer really enjoying my time with the kids after months of being the Mommy Monster from a non threatening reclined position. As soon as I got the all clear to resume most normal activity we went kind of nuts!

At one day this baby girl was smiling and full on belly laughing in her sleep. At one month she started showing us those first grins and giggles. She hasn’t been much of a crier at all which is different because my twelve year old daughter was a screaming terror! This little ninja just likes to growl at us like a little savage. It’s adoooorable. When she gets really upset she cries and snorts. I think her snorts piss her off because she will stop crying, look pissed off and growl. It’s hard to take her seriously when she cry snorts. A lot of people have said she gets her expressions and personality from me.

Mini Me

When she isn’t cry snorting or savage growling she is staring everyone down and judging the shit out of them.

Serious stare downs and a resting bitch face that rivals my own.


She even flips people off in her sleep. Isn’t she adorable?

mommys bird flipper

Almost every day I’ve thought, “Damn… I need to write about this!” but I neglected to. I started a lot and I shared a ton on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. After months of bed rest and feeling like I missed out on so much with my kids writing felt selfish in a way. I didn’t want to miss out on funsies and stick my nose in my screen.

Obviously, I’m over that and totally okay with going back to ignoring them all and writing again! Haha… Okay, who am I kidding? Everyone in the house is snoring, including the baby, and I can’t sleep. And as weird as this may sound I missed listening to the clickity clack of my keyboard without someone staring at me waiting to ask me something or feeling a baby ninja kick my insides.


Vanishing Preggo Belly

The picture on the left was taken TWO WEEKS AFTER the one on the right… Weird, right?

I’m going to start this out by saying – Pregnancy is freaking weird. 

A few weeks ago I came down with a horrible cold that turned into bronchitis. I can’t remember the last time I was that sick. I’m not even going to try to pretend it was easy or that I was maintaining well during those weeks. I was miserable. I couldn’t keep food down. My throat was on fire. I was coughing constantly with an ear ache of doom and pressure in my sinuses that made me want to go into a coma. It was gnarly.

During that time all I could think about was keeping my prenatals down, drinking protein/vitamin shakes and staying hydrated. I couldn’t take any real medicine, so I suffered through it.

My pregnancy complications have left me with a very sensitive abdomen that hurts with slight pressure. It hurts when I cough, sneeze and blow my nose. I had to learn to do all three of those with my ribs or down below my uterus and use every muscle I could except my abdomen. Do you realize how freaking weird and difficult that is?! I started to refer to my low cough technique as my “crotch cough”. At one point I had sneezed and coughed so much that my ribs felt like they broke.

We were also having a lovely heat wave in Southern California. Superfantastic fun times!

I’ve never worried about peeing myself like many pregnant women experience. I always took comfort in that. But, I was wearing a pad dealing with pee-leakage from my crotch coughing technique. To say I was a hot mess is an understatement. Why am I sharing this TMI-ness? One, because it’s funny (now) and I also have a point…

Earlier this week, when I reached 34 weeks to the day, and my belly bump went missing one morning. I’m not even shitting you… it was gone. In my groggy morning confusion I glanced around the bed as if my daughter crawled out of me during the night. I immediately panicked, got a glass of ice water and did fetal kicks. She was moving fine but it HURT. She was in there, obviously, but all I felt was baby and not much else. I’m not a pee-leaker. I know a lot of women pee-leak during pregnancy but I don’t. I was like a pee-leaky faucet all morning… or was it pee-leak?

With both of my previous births I had a slow and high leak. I had to have my water broken after I was induced. I wondered if my water broke? Well, I had some crazy watery discharge and I was leaking.

I know… TMI… but, with pregnancy, labor and birth there is no way to filter out the grossness properly!

34 weeks on the dot – the big final stretch milestone before she is considered full-term, after months of bed rest and I may have a high leak? Crapsticks.

A friend of mine stopped by and echoed my concern over my vanishing abdomen. I think her being concerned made me go from, “Isn’t this freaking weird?!” to “Oh shit!”.

I went in to the hospital to be monitored. I hate the hospital. I don’t know how most people feel about hospitals, but I have always had an unhealthy dislike for them. There are few things I use the word hate for. I avoid it as much as possible and only go in if absolutely necessary. This was one of those times.

My growing ninja girl checked out well. I wasn’t leaking when I went in and there were no signs of amniotic fluids or infection. The thing with a high and slow leak is if they can’t find the leakage when they test it there is no way to know. I had a slow high leak with my oldest and it took three visits for them to get a positive swab. At this point it’s a concern about infection and the membranes releasing the big waterfall of labor fluids.

The nurses commented on how healthy my daughter is and that she is VERY active. I know how active she is… she is constantly having a dance party up in there! We joked around about how feisty she is and it was all reassuring. I was able to go home.

But, what the crap happened to my belly bump?

I saw my OB the next day and the first thing she said was, “Oh this amazing feisty little problem child is continuing to keep us on our toes!” – I asked her if she thought all of this was super weird and she said, “For everyone else I would say yes but EVERYTHING is weird with you!”

I love that I can joke around with my doctor while dealing with all these weird situations. She is very professional and absolutely amazing, but she has the sense of humor I need.

We did an ultrasound and my daughter is more than fine. She’s continuing to measure larger than expected – There was concern that she had stopped growing and that is why my abdomen appeared to be smaller. She really hadn’t moved much at all since the last ultrasound just two weeks prior so she didn’t “drop” significantly. All the amniotic fluids levels were fine. Everything was fine. But, I was visibly smaller.

Basically, she’s trouble.

Conclusion? Who the hell knows! The important thing is that my daughter is healthy and so am I.

Was I peeing myself? Who the hell knows! Since I have no signs of infection and I haven’t continued to leak I can wait it out.

Am I going crazy?! Probably! But, dammit look at the picture and see the difference.

Could my baby ninja be taking that nickname a little too far and started vanishing training early?! Yes! See above comment about me going crazy.

I’m starting all of the lovely prelabor bodily weirdness. Yes, I know the process of bringing a baby into the world is natural, lovely, beautiful and all of those warm fuzzy awesomeness feelings – but, let’s be real… It’s also really gross!

I went from being diagnosed with some really frightening pregnancy complications and accepting a mandatory early c-section – getting stuck on bed rest – having things resolve themselves and being able to consider a vaginal birth – her being breeched and no more vaginal birth – then everything looked fan-freaking-tastic because she flipped and my abruption stopped – to … where the crap did my abdomen go and am I going to go into early preterm labor?

Tomorrow I will be 35 weeks. All I can think about is how I want to reach that 36 mark! I’m getting greedy but dammit this has been a long road and things are looking amazing. I want her to hold on a little longer before we welcome her into the world…

And maybe… just maaaaaybe… if she holds on for one more week I will find my freaking abdomen.


It's a Girl Ninja

I have announced this everywhere but in case you missed my pregnancy announcement I am bringing another ninja into the world this year. She is due in June! Yes, she! This is all about our big day of finding out what I was incubating and how things never go as planned.

In our giant blended family of awesomeness we have two boys and two girls. When we decided to have “just one more” all I focused on was “It better just be one!”.

I didn’t want twins. Logically, that is all I could focus on.

After settling my overly paranoid brain about twins the great debate on what the baby would be began. I never realized how opinionated some people can get about fetus gender until this pregnancy. I think I just ignored everyone’s opinions during my last pregnancies. The more people said one way or another the more I wanted to oppose them for no reason. I’m programmed like that. If someone says “Put a jacket on.” I will purposely not put a freaking jacket on because I don’t like being told what to do. I can’t help it!

For example…

My mother in law told us she knew we were having a boy. She was adamant about this fact. She said she had dreams about it and she is never wrong about these things.

I enjoy proving people wrong. I really enjoy proving her wrong.

I’m really hoping she doesn’t read my blog, too. Ooops.

So, in a matter of minutes I went from being happy with my baby ninja being a girl or a boy to I have to have a girl just to be able to rub it in her face and yell, YOU WERE WRONG!

I’m a wonderful person.

I blame hormones.

My amazing man wanted a girl because of logical reasons. He read somewhere that girls are 33% more likely to care for their fathers when they are grown than boys are. We have two girls already so a third will make him 99% covered.

I do like to point out that the girls ALWAYS side with me and they ALWAYS rat him out to me. I think his theory is flawed.

Anyway, the big day arrived when I was getting my ultrasound. There was a mixup and the detailed ultrasound was cancelled. I was trying not to be hulk-smash about it but I was pissed. I had been looking forward to that day for so long! When I saw my OBGYN in the morning she said, “So long as the baby isn’t crossing its legs I’m sure we can find out for sure what it is.”

I was elated.

I shared it on my Facebook page that we were going to find out what I was incubating.

waiting to find out

The majority of my friends said it would be a girl and some said boy. I didn’t let people know what I was hoping for… but deep down I wanted a girl… and not just because I wanted to prove anyone wrong.

“I’m pretty sure it’s a girl but she is crossing her legs and being difficult…”

Wait… what?! A spawn of mine being difficult!? Shocking. Grr.

“Let’s really shake things up and see if she can spread them.”

That is the only time in my child’s life I will encourage that sort of result. So, my doctor jiggled, shook and even had me bounce around a little bit. Nothing.

We were mostly sure it would be a girl but she told me not to announce it yet until the other ultrasound appointment.

I texted a few friends of mine “My OBGYN is mostly sure it’s a girl but I don’t know yet. I’m trying not to get too excited because if this baby is having a ‘Silence of the Lambs’ moment and tucking I am going to be REALLY mad!”

I was originally going to insert a picture of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs right here but I’m just going to leave that visual for you all.

Thankfully, I got in later that day to see the big reveal. It was confirmed after a LOT of jiggling around and even tickling her feet that it’s a girl. I was so paranoid that she could be wrong that the ultrasound tech offered to give me a 3D picture full of proof.

I gladly accepted.

Our daughter is the tie breaker and has tipped the gender scales in our favor. Estrogen is going to be flowing heavily in this house for many years. The males do not stand a chance.

When I told my youngest that he was going to have a baby sister he got mad. He had said all along he would be happy either way and just wanted a baby in the house. I was shocked! I didn’t know how to react. He said, “Well, Mommy I said I would be happy with either but I would only be a very very tiiiiiiiiny bit happy for a girl but a very very big LOOOOOOTS of happy if it was a boy!” He processed for a few minutes. I reassured him that he was going to be an amazing big brother either way. He grinned at me and said…

“That’s okay! The next one is going to be a boy!” and he ran off.

THE NEXT ONE?! Hold on…

In case you were all wondering how it went when I got to gloat about how my Mother in Law was wrong… it never happened. They never picked up the phone. We didn’t talk to them until like a week later and she was happy it was a girl. I didn’t have my moment.

She won again.

My Dad’s response to the reveal was “Yes! Maybe this one will be evil so I can finally have my revenge.” He also said that he doesn’t see anything in ultrasound pictures and that they are creepy.

Sharing the news on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter was amazing. I was updating everyone as it was all going on. My feeds, inboxes and texts were blowing up. I loved being able to share it all with you. I doubt I will be able to update so freely when she finally arrives… but I am hoping this labor and delivery goes the way my doctor anticipates.

“Oh with this one I think you are just going to sneeze her out! Just don’t go far from the hospital… it will come quick and you don’t want her falling out.”

And on that visual I end this.

Thanks for all the awesomeness, everyone. I truly appreciate you all.


Baby Bump or Constipation?

Baby Bump or Constipation?

After I shared that our blended family was expanding this June I was flooded with questions. I know some people don’t know what they are saying sometimes… but I can’t help think of obnoxious answers to some simple (as well as some totally offensive questions).

I may or may not have actually said these responses. Okay, so who am I kidding. I did. Thankfully most people I know get my humor or just smile, nod and walk away.

“Are you going to find out the gender?”

Um, hell yes! I cannot wait. That would be torture. I like to plan! I do not like surprises. Right now is the time I am waiting for the big reveal… why wait 20 weeks longer?

“What are you hoping for?”

A unicorn… or Batman. Maybe I could birth a Time Lord.

“Are you nervous having that many kids? 5 kids! Eeek!”

You are all seeing this wrong. Our five kiddos ages will range from newborn to 14 years old. Do you know what that means? A whole lot of helpers!

“Where is the baby going to sleep?”

Initially, I prefer to co-sleep. Then I will have a pack and play and move the baby into the room of the kids that are pissing me off the most. This serves as a bonding opportunity for the kids, punishment and hopefully birth control.

I may or may not actually consider this after the baby arrives – hehehe

“Do you remember what to do with a newborn? It has been 6 years…”

I forgot everything about raising a new human. I’m going to equip myself with duct tape and chloroform and hope for the best.

“Are your kids happy about another sibling coming into the picture?”

Was anyone happy about you coming into the picture?

“You don’t look pregnant… are you sure?”

Hmm… maybe you are right. Maybe I’m not pregnant and everything I am experiencing is really bad constipation!

“Why would you want to start over?”

I enjoy not sleeping. I also enjoy becoming a milk factory where my boobs become rock hard torpedos and I feel like my nipples are going to fall off. Diapers are rad. Pushing my body to the limit and creating a cavern of chaos in my low region is amazing. Another 18 years of parenting torture is better than a luxurious vacation to Fiji.

I also want to scar my teen and tweens into fearing having babies.

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I’ve done the customer service gig in the past and I know how difficult it is. People can be so rude and short with customer service reps. I know call centers are script based and there are a lot of things reps are taught to up sell or read off in different situations. Sometimes it is mandatory that they say certain parts of their script and it is part of their job. It’s an almost mindless job and a very frustrating one on top of it.

I always put on my best business nicey professional attitude and try to avoid being another idiot on the phone when I have to make a call. I joke with them and be as pleasant as possible. My kids like to say that I don’t sound like me when I make those calls. haha

But, sometimes I just can’t help it when someone keeps getting all pushy with me.

We don’t watch a lot of TV. When the TV is on we are finding something on demand, firing up Netflix, browsing what is available via Amazon prime or renting a movie. Now that Dexter is over we don’t watch HBO and Homeland is the only thing I need Showtime for. Realistically I can wait for any shows I really like. All the things I want to watch, besides BBC America, are all basic cable.

Anyway, I’m cheap so why pay for something we don ‘t need? I called to cancel our TV supreme ultimate mega everything package and drop down to basic cable. I had no idea it would be like negotiating world peace.

Me: Hi I want to drop my TV package down to the basic one because we don’t need it and live stream everything or order movies…

Customer Service Lady: Oh you won’t be happy… you will lose all these channels (spends 5 minutes telling me all the channels we will lose while I tell her I watch none of them) You will also lose Lifetime. (Why the crap would she mention Lifetime

Me: I don’t watch Lifetime… All I need is BBC which that plan has so I am good with it. I did my research.

Her: But, this package will not include lifetime which is the most popular channel for women…

Me: I don’t watch lifetime… (That should have been enough to say the first time…)

Her: Ok, ma’am. You will also lose the cooking channels… and again Lifetime has…

Me: I don’t watch the cooking channels and again I do NOT watch Lifetime… 

Her: (Goes on another rant about all the things I will be losing and how she doesn’t recommend dropping down to basic) This weekend there will be blahblahblah marathon and suchandsuch movie on Lifetime which you will miss out on if…

Me: Seriously, I don’t watch Lifetime. I don’t even know any of those Lifetime movies. I don’t watch girly feel good shows or whatever is on that channel and I make fun of my friends who stay up all night watching that stuff crying over it. I’m more into horror flicks with a lot of blood, murder, body parts and guts.. and (just to really be obnoxious) midget porn. Do you have channels for that?

Her: ….

Me: Hello, are you still there?

Her: Ma’am I am going to go ahead and drop you down to the basic package right away. 

I won.


I’m going to start this out saying I do not judge how anyone else raises their kids. There is no one perfect way of nurturing your own wee little army of minions.

It’s all about what works for you.

One thing that works for me is the fact that I am not a damn maid. I am not, and should not, be responsible for picking up after human beings who are capable of doing it themselves or at the very least helping. I’m not going to follow my kids around and wipe their butts, scrape their plates and put away their fricken things for them when they are adults so why would I do it for them their entire childhoods? They have to learn how to be a little self sufficient before becoming an adult so why would I wait until after they move out to teach them? No, they start when they are able to and that is that.

I also do not give allowances. I don’t believe in paying kids for doing what they should be doing. That is a harsh reality, I suppose. But, no one is paying me for doing my laundry, washing my car or making my bed. I just have to do it… or don’t. I can choose not to because I’m a grown woman and when they are grown they can either use what I’ve taught them or be lazy!

At least I will know they are making a choice rather than being clueless about being self sufficient.

To be totally transparent I have paid someone else to do my laundry and I do enjoy cleaning services. Sending off loads of laundry to the local cleaners was a glorious luxury when living in NY. They would wash, press and fold everything perfectly. I was kind of in love with the laundry ladies.

Anyway… kids learning independence isn’t something anyone should pay for it is something that is instilled within them.

My point is that I have kids ranging from 6 – 14 and if I spent all my time picking up after them and their Dad I would not get anything done… and I would probably want to smother them all. I wouldn’t actually smother them but I sure as hell would think about it!

So, we have a lot of chores and I’m probably evil for it. Everyone has chores and expectations no matter what they try to pull to get out of it or how much they may whine at times. Yeah, the kids aren’t perfect at it but it’s good enough. The older kids do laundry, fold it and put it away… they are not as perfect as my NYC laundry ladies but they are pretty good. The 6 year old folds and puts away anything square or rectangle, socks and undies. Sure, half the time he runs around with everyone’s underwear on his head but it ends up where it needs to be. Most of the time.

Meal time is often a fun family bonding experience. I’m teaching all the kids how to cook, be safe in the kitchen and everyone takes turns on dishes. We do a lot of cooking from scratch because of health and food allergies. The kitchen is used a LOT. It’s a lot of work to get deliciousness from scratch on the table and cleaned up. We listen to music and make the most of it. The older kiddos can successfully make meals on their own now and we are proud of them for that. It’s fun and I am proud of them learning.

Though our 14 year old dude asked the other day when I asked him to prep and boil the potatoes, “So, do I need to add water to the pot to boil these…” Yeah, it’s a work in progress! We have endless amounts of laughter at those moments.

The garden weeds are also pulled by the kids, we clean the pool together and bathrooms are scrubbed by little hands. When you have some easily distracted males in the house who… I don’t even know what they do… but their pee streams end up everywhere around the toilet they are going to be wiping all of that up. I know how to aim, dammit and no one is in diapers so why should I wipe up their pee?!

“But, kids should play and have fun. That is too much for them!” Really? I also like to play and have fun. We enjoy these things together. Sometimes we have fun and play while we clean. If I divide up the chores around the house it will take us a fraction of the time to get it done together and that means more time to play for all.

Everyone has bad days and that is supported. Sometimes homework is crazy or someone is feeling sick so everyone else picks up the slack. There were days where I was out of commission and stressing about all the things that need to be done… and they all handled it without being asked.

That means the world to me.

They just do it all. They know the drill. They know how to handle it.

Because they are capable. Because they know they can. Because they aren’t hopeless. Because they have done it all before. Because they want to give back to me for all I do for them…

or maybe they do it so they can hit me up later for something else…

or they are buttering me up and plotting my doom because I make them pick up shit for themselves.

I do not like thinking about when my kids are grown and leave the nest. Yes, a part of me would like to clip their wings and keep them close. I would much rather see them fly free and stable on their own… and clean up after themselves until they take flight.


Do you ever have a moment in parenting where you wonder, “Where did I go wrong?” but it also conflicts with another thought at the same exact time of, “Maybe I am doing this right!”

As my 11 year old princess of doom starts to resemble more of a young woman than a little girl in all aspects of her being it makes me a little sad and proud at the same time. Yes, I miss her being an adorable little girl who just lit up a room everywhere she went. I miss the things she mispronounced like “A-do-bo-cado” and a part of me misses the endless freaking tea parties, fairy wings and princess stuff.

I never had any expectations of who I expected her to be when she found herself. I just wanted her to be herself and confidently so. I’ve never tried to influence her and have tried to keep negative comments to myself.

Okay, I may have had some strong opinions about cheerleading vs playing sports and annoying tween shows. She basically ignores any of my sarcastic remarks anyway!

Now conversations about life have a much more mature tone and she likes to talk about things that really make me want to bang my head on a wall. She is also very funny and has zero concept of embarrassment!

I have no idea where she got it from.

We were discussing bad words and what they actually meant. I have no idea how this subject came up and I often regret having total open dialog with my kids! But… it was a conversation worth having and I could NOT believe what she said to me.

Me: Alright, do you know what the F word actually means? It’s a versatile curse word that can be used as a noun, verb, adverb, adjective and almost every word in a sentence. But, it … uh… for sure is derived from one thing.

Her: Oh I am pretty sure I know what it means! I’ve also heard you use it in all sorts of different ways! (Thanks kid… I’m not a great Mom sometimes!)

Me: Oh, okay. So you know that the F word also means… uh… sex?

Her: Yeah… I have to tell you something reeeaaally funny about the first time I learned what that meant.

Me: Okay (Oh no… someone end me now… I don’t want to know where this is going)

Her: Well, a friend of mine showed me a video…

Me: uh huh…. (VIDEO?! This isn’t good. End. it. now. Please?)

Her: And in this video there was like a crazy party or something…

Me: Yeah…. (Why did I ever do this to myself? Kids are evil. Kids are bad. NEVER BE A PARENT)

Her: And well… that dragon Spike from My Little Ponies said, “Pinkie Pie is out of control! She f-worded a snail on the lawn!” My friend totally didn’t know what that word meant or what they were talking about but I knew then! It was soooo funny! But, my friend was so scared that the video had a bad word and we knew we shouldn’t watch it!

Me: *blink*

Her: Why would anyone edit videos and make the characters say such funny things… And WHO does THAT to a SNAIL?!

Me: *blink* (I think I died a little)

Her: *laughing hysterically* Mommy, are you breathing?! hahaha you look like you are going to puke!

After the shock wore off I laughed so hard I cried. We discussed inappropriate things online and I accepted it was an honest mistake and I am glad she finally told me about it. She was relieved that I wasn’t angry.

And then I wanted to drown away that horrible moment in a pool of vodka.

Our babies will become teens and they will eventually be adults. We cannot shelter them from what is out there but we can try to keep open communication so they know to come to us with facts. I would rather my daughter discuss these things with me than try to figure them out with her peers who may be as clueless as her.

It’s difficult to cut those strings of childhood but I can take comfort in the fact that she has taken those strings and created a stable safety net for herself.

That safety net is supported by me and she knows that.

I love her honesty. I really do. I love that her and I can have these giggly moments about taboo things. I hope that makes her less likely to rebel using that kind of language around peers or at school. I love that I see a lot of my sense of humor evolving in her and getting a glimpse of the funny woman she is going to be is kind of awesome. I love that she is becoming a really rad teenager and she is completely herself around me.

What I don’t love is the fact that she saw a snail on the lawn on the way to school and she HAD to bring that up and laugh my my reaction! “Mommy, loooook … it’s a SNAIL on the LAWN!”

Okay, I love that she does things like that but I never expected to have this kind of amazing open and honest relationship that I have with her… and I hope it stays. Always.

Side note: Every single one of my friends who reads this is going to have a sudden moment of panic wondering, “WAS IT MY KID WHO SHOWED HER THIS VIDEO?! OMG!”

WTF Did You Say!?

And the fact I find that hilarious proves I’m the greatest friend ever. Love you guys!


I’m not a judgmental person. I’m really reaaaally not. I’ve been told some crazy things and I accept that people dig their own things.

People are brilliantly unique creatures and the differences fascinate me.

So, to each their own. Learn, love and respect… right?? Right.

But, when some freaky google searches land someone on my blog I can’t help but laugh. The visuals are… well, I can’t UNSEE these things!

I remember this popping up but I totally forgot about it until I was going through my folder of random things that make me laugh. I figured I should just share it with you all because it makes me teehee that much.

Make Love to Backpacks... really?

 It never occurred to me that someone loves backpacks THAT much and I didn’t expect this tidbit of information to surface after I wrote about the Japanese randoseru backpacks I got in Tokyo this year.

I’m probably alone in loving this in the same way the googler loves backpacks… but sometimes you gotta share these visuals so others are stuck with it as well.