DIY Grow Light Stand aka Gardening is Good

by Leila on March 12, 2015

This year my husband and I decided to make some serious changes in our garden – starting with a DIY grow light stand for seed starting made out of pvc pipe. It’s super easy and cost us around $65 for everything.

DIY Grow LIght Stand

I love to garden. I love growing my own noms. There is something amazeballs about summer and the kids playing outside and snacking on what’s ripe in the garden. It was something we didn’t have last year after I was on bed rest and my garden was neglected. I wish I had a few acres of land, but we live in Southern California and have limited space. One day I will make that happen.

For now we are slowly transforming our garden to utilize the small amount of gardening space we have.

I knew I wanted grow lights this year. I’ve killed countless seedlings after starting them too late, too soon or the fluctuating Los Angeles weather not playing nice. After searching many options and pricing out already made options we decided to go with a DIY grow light stand. We went with PVC pipe because it’s affordable and easy to work with.

You can find awesome detailed instructions on constructing a DIY grow light stand HERE

It took us longer to buy the supplies than to build the thing. We even had our 12 year old help with the saw

DIY Grow Light Stand

One of our next projects will be to create the perfect work area. We obviously need it. But, you don’t need a fancy set up to get your DIY on. I’m just keeping it real.

In addition to making a DIY grow light stand I also purchased a seed heat mat on Amazon. I have heard heat mats make a huge difference… but, were they really worth it? Did I want to spend an extra $20 – $30 to warm the soil? I am so glad I did. Our tomatoes sprouted in just a few days and I’m convinced they are stronger because of it. My kids and I have decided we are going to do a little experiment to test this theory and I will update our results.

I will also update this after we make our modifications to your DIY grow light stand. After we have had it going for a few weeks I want to add another light. Our tomatoes are doing fabulous so far. I cannot wait to get them into our vertical garden!

DIY Vertical Garden

After you build your own DIY grow light stand what will you grow? My best advice for your edible garden this year is to grow what you love to eat and especially what costs the most. After our DIY grow light stand was built I was ready to start growing tomatoes of many different varieties. We will have tomatoes coming out of our ears! The kids and I love fresh tomatoes. My hubby hates tomatoes, but I’ll grow some cucumbers for him. Maybe.