Who is this Ninja?

Leila’s, aka The Ninja, outlook on life is simple: Love it, live it, laugh at it and ninja kick anything in your way to happiness! Her confident exterior, sarcastic dialog, sailor mouth and quick wit are sprinkled with a humble, thoughtful and appreciative nature.

“This is no Mommy Blog, rather it’s a witty, honest blog written by a funny chick who happens to have kids.” Said by Kelly Bristow

Her daughter suffers from severe life threatening food allergies, arthritis, gastrointestinal complications and has an auto immune disease that causes chronic pain. Despite everything, the family is always able to face the challenges of a painful illness and enjoy many activities that would normally have been rendered off-limits to them. Why? Because of Leila’s nothing can hold her family back from happiness attitude! Don’t Speak Whinese is about Leila’s philosophy on life where a little sarcasm, a lot of determination and laughter can help anyone ninja kick life’s obstacles.

Leila has a passion for travel, business, and making the most out of life. She is determined and all around happy.

Often sassy, cursing and cracking jokes she is also very social media savvy, professional, well liked and the type of person that creates inside jokes that everyone is invited to be a part of.

It is a well-known fact that integrity drives her existence and because she speaks passionately her words are respected. She naturally has the ability to make others laugh so hard that it hurts and those are the memories that stick.

Life is fun when everyone stops bitching. Live, laugh and ninja kick your way to happiness! – Leila

Career, Social Media, Community Service and Ambition

Leila, creator and blog author of Don’t Speak Whinese, is a freelance Writer, Project Manager and Small Business Development Consultant with a strong emphasis on Social Media Consulting and Website Content writing with SEO… basically, she makes things on the interwebz kick a lot of booty.

She has over 2,800 twitter followers and a growing Facebook page. She is also very active on Instagram, StumbleUpon and many other social media platforms.

She recently completed Jon Morrow’s (Associate Editor of Copyblogger.com) apprenticeship program and has very extensive set of blogging skills. Her network reach and loyal followers have increased dramatically since the launch of her blog, Don’t Speak Whinese, in December of 2010.

Always one to lend a hand, Leila is an active community service participant. She volunteers for animal rescue services, is a Girl Scout Troop Leader, is the Website Coordinator & Community Service Coordinator for her Girl Scout Service Unit, she is a PTA member and Room Parent at her children’s school and has served as a Coordinator for a community service event for the Japanese Tsunami Relief effort. Her soon to launch project is a community service based blog that will help families work with their children and make a difference within their community.

Leila’s motivation is to raise the bar and set a high standard of integrity in all that she does and pass this along to her children.

Work with Leila!

Leila has taken everything she has known about business, life, traveling and social media, melted it down and created something of her own. Her Social Media Marketing outlook and strategies are similar to what is being done but in a mold of her own that creates success. She is always looking for unique and innovative ways to work with brands on an authentic level and integrating it with an adventure.

She is as real as it gets with constant real time updates on her life that her followers look forward to. She can get your product to its target demographic in a genuine way because she only stands by brands she completely believes in. Leila is very enthusiastic and her candor is respected. Often silly yet extremely professional she is someone that not only gets the job done well but has fun while doing it.

For more information and/or Leila’s Media kit email her at: Leila AT dontspeakwhinese.com or fill out the contact form.

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